El senador Francisco Fernández Pérez

The senator of the PP for Ourense, Francisco Fernández, today asked the Government, through a motion as a result of a question debated in the Plenary Session of the Senate, the adoption of a complete battery with eight specific measures, "to fight against the outbreaks of Covid 19, and for which we have to be prepared ”.

Among these measures, Fernández has highlighted "establishing a plan to reinforce epidemiological surveillance systems, through decentralized and encrypted digital monitoring systems, based on pilot experiences with mobile applications."

Throughout his speech, the Galician PP senator has stated that we understand that "the Government came late to fight the pandemic, without alarms, with continuous contradictions, and after 100 days of alarm." The de-escalation began, which we also understand, "which was done in an even worse way, that is why we bring this motion with a series of points, to have a plan of action against outbreaks," he explained.

Thus, Francisco Fernández has revealed that these outbreaks, which already exist, in which we agree with what the minister himself expressed in recent days and weeks; but "now it is necessary to be prepared, and that is why we ask for these eight points, to be developed within the Inter-territorial Health Council and in collaboration with the Autonomous Communities."


In this sense, the popular senator has stressed that the GPP motion requests in its second point, "to promote a National Public Health Agency, with a specific pandemic unit." Likewise, as explained in the debate, the third of the points of the initiative the PP asks the Executive, "to strengthen external health to face a more agile response in terms of epidemiological surveillance and control of possible health risks derived from the import, export or transit of merchandise, and international passenger traffic ”.

The fourth point of the motion, calls for "the establishment of a new specific protocol for airports, ports and land borders to guarantee safe passenger transit corridors, a matter of utmost importance as well," he said.

“In the fifth point, we ask to establish a National Strategic Reserve to face possible outbreaks of the pandemic; and in the sixth, strengthen the primary and community care model in response to possible outbreaks. ”

Francisco Fernández, also highlighted in his speech, the importance of "creating a Care Plan for vulnerable personnel (elderly and dependent), with information channels for families and protocols for coordination between residences, hospitals and health centers", as indicated by the seventh of the specific measures requested by the PP.

To finish, the senator for Ourense has indicated that, as the eighth and last measure, it is necessary that “the Government establish a National Protocol for hospital assistance in the event of outbreaks of the Covid-19 pandemic. "This in my land we summarize it with a word that was very valid these days: Heartfelt", is over.

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