Francisco Javier Fragoso durante su intervención

Francisco Fragoso: "Faced with the ineffectiveness, lies and radicalism of the Government in the management of the pandemic is the good work and the proximity of the City Councils"

The senator of the PP for Badajoz, Francisco Fragoso, has asked the Government today, in the plenary session of the Chamber, through a motion of the PP, to "enable a fund to cover part of the needs of the municipalities, which arose during the pandemic and whose amount and distribution criteria are previously negotiated with them and not unilaterally ”.

Throughout his speech, Francisco Fragoso has shown that during this pandemic we have seen with all the clarity that, in the face of the ineffectiveness, the lies and the radicalism that have characterized the Government of Spain in management, there is good work and the closeness with which the municipalities have faced it ”.

Thus, the PP senator has indicated that, in contrast to the management carried out by Sánchez and his partners, the public has perceived the vast majority of the 8,131 city councils as close and effective administrations. "From the first moment we forgot the ideology and put the neighbors in the front line, it did not matter the competences or not, even many colleagues did not care about their health," said the senator from Extremadura.

"Anyway, we have been at the foot of the canyon and for this, what have the municipalities received, Fragoso asked himself, after which he pointed out that," so far, nothing "; and has regretted that "the Government has abandoned the municipalities to their fate, and therefore the neighbors who are served by them."


In this way, Francisco Fragoso, has shown that the city councils and local entities of our country "ask for the necessary resources to finance the essential services they provide, such as: social services to vulnerable families, care for our elderly, home help and dependency , public transport"; and also to promote economic reactivation. "And this is what the Sanchez Government denies us," the parliamentarian and councilor of Badajoz denounced.

Francisco Fragoso has stopped to explain that, while the municipalities maintain public transport services, increasingly deficient, to meet the needs of the most vulnerable workers; "The Government not only ignores the demand for a fund to alleviate this deficit, but also allows itself the luxury of reducing the frequencies of the transports that depend on it, such as trains or airplanes, even those classified as Public Service Obligation" .

At another point in his speech, the popular senator recalled the government announcements in which he spoke of 16,000 million euros for the Autonomous Communities; Yesterday we learned of another 13,000 million euros for the Council of Ministers; or the ‘supposed’ 140,000 million euros for Spain from the European Union. "For the municipalities, nothing," he lamented.

“That is why we ask this chamber, the Territorial Chamber of the State, to defend the interests of the neighbors and the services they receive and that we ask the Government to endow that fund that all municipalities demand, to help their neighbors without discriminating the municipality where they live ”, Francisco Fragoso has emphatically added.

Along these lines, the senator recalled that “our elders, families at risk, workers, our neighbors need this fund, our social policies need this fund; and all of us, I am convinced, share that city councils are the closest administration, they are the true social shield in Spain "


To finish, Fragoso has remarked that precisely this “is not a debate of colors, or of political parties, because in this demand we have joined mayors of all political signs except the Government; here is that unity that Sánchez and his ministers talk so much about, but which they neither promote nor never carry out ”.

“The government has shown that it is only correct when it rectifies, yesterday they announced again that they would eliminate the fiscal rules, but it is not enough since we need and claim the fund that was promised to us as blackmail to seize our savings; a fund that is necessary for our people, social services and recovery ”, he concluded.

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