La portavoz de Economía del Grupo Parlamentario Popular en el Senado y senadora por Salamanca, Esther del Brío

Esther del Brío has pointed out that "a tax reduction defends social justice, because justice resides in the progressivity of the tax, not in its amount"

The spokesperson for the Economy of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate and senator for Salamanca, Esther del Brío, today asked the Government, through a motion resulting from interpellation, “to review its fiscal policy, establishing a tax cut for companies and families together with a decrease in inefficient public spending ”.

Likewise, the motion defended by the GPP Economy spokesperson requests the Executive "to implement an economic policy that improves the conditions for companies to create and maintain jobs and the essential liquidity, which enables investments in digital transformation, a greater investment in R + D + i and the training of workers ”.

"Both measures will aim to reactivate the productive fabric of our country after the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic," said Esther del Brío.

In his speech before the Plenary of the Chamber, Del Brío pointed out that "a reduction in taxes defends social justice, because justice resides in the progressivity of the tax, not in its amount." Thus, he has defended that when the tax burden is low, the underground economy is fought, the savings of the workers are respected and no charges are imposed on them that do not correspond to them, such as the tax increases of this Government that "seek pay for inefficiency and pay, among other things, the largest number of handpicked advisers and cabinet members in history ”.

Thus, the Salamanca senator has stressed that the PP is calling for a 180-degree change in the fiscal, labor and economic policies of this Government; a tax cut that stimulates the economy for companies and families, that does not raise VAT; to return to the path of stability and eliminate inefficient public spending; that once support companies, the self-employed, with zero quota against zero income.

“But for this, the Sánchez government has to stop opposing the opposition; opposition to the city councils, opposition to the CC.AA and to become the president of the Executive that Spain needs. If he focuses on the interests of Spain, the PP will be at his side to reactivate the productive fabric of our country and come out as soon as possible, ”added del Brío.


Throughout her speech, Esther del Brío has stressed that no one denies that the Covid has caused the economic crisis, "but Sánchez has made it much deeper, as the data shows, which speak for themselves", with forecasts of an average fall of the Spanish economy of 11.5%, a 20% unemployment and a deficit of 13% of the GDP; while 7 out of 10 freelancers believe that they will have to close their companies, if another lockdown occurs ”.

Faced with this situation, the PP senator has denounced that the Government presents four suicidal measures: massive increase in taxes, including taxes on consumption; repeal of the labor reform; the appropriation of the savings of all the municipalities and, finally, disloyalty before the CC.AA.

In this sense, Esther del Brío has pointed out that the main interest of the socialist party at the moment is to oppose the PP because it does not support its budgets, when in reality it plans to take them forward with its investiture partners. "Yesterday he publicly made a payment to Bildu, which is burning with indignation to social networks," he recalled.

To finish, the Salamanca senator has assured that we will soon see those budgets in which the Government has already had to forget that Brussels rejected some pre-crisis accounts, because they did not adjust to reality and were moving away from the deficit path when Spain grew 2%. "I don't even want to imagine what Europe can do with budgets now that we fall below 12%," he said.

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