Considers that an economic policy is needed that improves the conditions for companies to create and maintain jobs

The Popular Group in the Senate has presented a motion resulting from interpellation, in which it asks the Government to review the fiscal policy, establishing a reduction of taxes for companies and families and a
decrease in inefficient public spending.

The popular understand that "we are at a time when the economic and employment recovery will be a gradual and asymmetric process in the sectors." In this sense, he recalls that “the paralysis of productive activity, as a consequence of the restrictions on mobility due to confinement, has meant that companies have had to take measures in order for the impact on company accounts to be minimal. "

"For this reason, it is necessary that we come out of the health crisis with a clear objective, that boosts our economic fabric and that we can face future challenges such as digital transformation, greater investment in R + D + i and the training of employees" . All this, the popular understand, will redound to the benefit of Spanish families who are bearing the cost of this crisis due to a drop in income, ERTEs and expenses derived from measures to stop COVID 19.


"It is not understandable that in a situation like the current one, where problems accumulate due to short-term liquidity, due to a significant drop in business, self-employed and family income, and a worrying growth in unemployment , both for employed workers and self-employed workers; the Government intends to increase the collection of the State by raising taxes not only to employers, but also to those who are suffering the consequences of this crisis, which are working families and pensioners ”.

"Increasing VAT, special and green taxes and personal income tax, will make more than 80 percent fall on workers and pensioners," assure the popular senators, adding that "these tax increases will not support the maintenance of the state of wellness. The additional collection will not even cover the 2020 deficit and will delay the recovery by attacking consumption and employment, putting more obstacles for families and companies ”.

For the Popular Group, raising taxes is not the solution. "It is necessary to implement an economic policy that improves the conditions of companies and can create a framework that facilitates the creation and maintenance of jobs and the necessary liquidity that makes it easier for companies to undertake investments in digital transformation, I + D + i and training of workers ”.

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