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Welcome from Above has shown its satisfaction after achieving consensus on the PP initiative with the rest of the Commission groups

It also asks "to develop a pilot module on the Internet for the 12-14 year-old period for its evaluation with a view to consolidating it in the different studies"

It has revealed the use of the internet and social networks has been growing exponentially among young people in recent years

"The public powers must direct our policies to promote the safe and responsible use of the Internet and new technologies," he assured Sep 30, 2020. The PP senator from Salamanca, Welcome from Above, has asked the Government today through a motion, debated and agreed with all the parliamentary groups in the Mixed Commission for the Study of the Problem of Addictions, which "in collaboration with the Autonomous Communities and Autonomous Cities, reinforces the collection of information on inappropriate use and compulsive use of the Internet in the survey on drug use in Spanish Secondary Schools (ESTUDIES) and in the Survey on alcohol and other drugs (EDADES) ”. Likewise, the initiative of the PP, which has been unanimously agreed by the Commission, requests "to develop a pilot module on the Internet for the 12-14 year period for evaluation with a view to consolidating it in the different studies." Throughout his speech, the PP senator has pointed out that it is obvious that the irruption of the internet and new technologies in our society has led to a great revolution in all aspects of our life, contributing great advances especially in the academic and work environment; "However, it is no less true that there is growing concern about the potential problematic use of the internet, digital media, social networks and their subsequent consequences," he remarked. In the same way, Bienvenido de Arriba has ‘put on the table’ several studies and analyzes, both public and private, reflect some interesting data such as these:

In Spain, 95% of minors are regular Internet users and more than 70% have a mobile phone and 30% of those under 10 years of age already access the internet, a figure that reaches 80% in the case of minors under 13 years and 90% in the case of those under 15 years of age.

One in three Internet users are children.

20% of Spanish adolescents make compulsive use of the Internet, according to the results of the latest survey on drug use in secondary education (Estudes Survey).

75% of young people say that the activity they do most in their free time is chatting or surfing the internet according to the report "Youth, Leisure and ICT" carried out by the Reina Sofía Center on Adolescence and Youth of the Fundación de Ayuda contra la drug addiction.

The digital security and well-being platform for families Qustodio has shown that during the confinement there has been an unprecedented increase in internet use; an increase in the online activity of minors in Spain of more than 200%, detecting in turn a significant increase in the devices used. WE LIVE IN THE ERA OF HYPER-CONNECTIVITY Likewise, the PP senator has pointed out that the use of the internet, social networks and online activity has been growing exponentially among young people in recent years. "We live in the era of hyperconnectivity," he remarked. In this sense, it has also explained that, according to experts, the need to prevent excessive consumption of screens is based on the physical and behavioral problems that this can cause, ranging from visual pathologies to problems associated with sedentary lifestyle , addiction, anxiety, stress due to lack of technology, family and social isolation, depression due to not having enough "likes", lack of self-esteem, loss of control capacity or sleep problems that in turn lead to worse management of the emotions. To conclude, he stated that "the public authorities must direct our policies to promote the safe and responsible use of the internet and new technologies, with the protection of minors being a priority on the agenda of all governments." “We cannot lower our guard and we must continue to promote measures that help prevent pathologies associated with the abuse of the Internet, promote good practices in its healthy and responsible use, actions that promote the critical, enriching and reasonable use of new technologies and develop a digital education in our young people in order to achieve a healthier and more informed society ”, has ended.

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