Fernando Priego en el Senado.

Fernando Priego urges the Executive "to reverse this barbarity that he wants to impose on us, and we ask that he return to dialogue with the mayors"

The spokesman for Local Entities of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate, Fernando Priego, has asked the Government, through a motion, to “rectify and withdraw Royal Decree 27/2020, by which the Executive intends to usurp the savings of the City Councils "And asks" to dialogue and agree with all political formations an agreement that meets the needs and priorities of Local Entities, marked in the document unanimously approved by the Governing Board of the FEMP on May 22, 2020 ".

Priego has reiterated that this Royal Decree intends to take away the savings from the neighbors to make them available to the political project of the Sánchez Government and "thus make up some public accounts that make water everywhere." Thus, he lamented "the fall in employment and income, the galloping increase in public spending and the Government's manifest inability to carry out the necessary reforms to face this situation, beyond the easy and unjust recourse of looting the municipal coffers of the Town Halls. ”.

This Royal Decree that will be voted in the Congress of Deputies in its plenary session that is currently being held, and according to Priego, this is a “crucial” vote for Spanish municipalism.

The PP senator from Córdoba has wanted to make it clear that the Senate, as the territorial Chamber of the State, represents the municipalities of our country and therefore, “he cannot help but express his opinion on such a serious matter that directly affects the neighbors of our towns and cities ”.

Likewise, Fernando Priego has remarked that this is one of the main reasons why the PP presents this motion in the first plenary session of this period of sessions, and for which “we urge the Government to reverse this barbarity that it wants impose ourselves, and we ask that you return to the dialogue with the mayors, that you move away from imposition and pride and modify those aspects of the RD that have provoked a unanimous and forceful rejection of Spanish municipalism, uniting more than 13 different political forces against it, including socialist mayors ”.

In this way, Priego has summarized that the motion of the popular in the Upper House supposes support for Spanish municipalism and is committed to a negotiated and consensual solution to the problem created by the Government.


This motion is not a work in extremis of the Popular Group "since we have worked on this matter in recent months, but if it is our last opportunity," the spokesman for Local Entities has remarked, after which he has reproached the Government for its "lack of of answers and transparency ”, with which he perpetrated a“ looting of the municipalities and wanted to hide it by calling us the other alarmists and liars ”.

In the next line, he has shown that "the Government requests help from the Local Entities for everything, to manage the IMV, to return to school, to attend to social emergencies, but in return they take away the resources that we have worked so hard for. hard to get ”. "The City Councils are already tired of always being treated with the mallet, that our voice is ignored, that our needs are not met," he said.

"We do not need tutelage, we need resources to do many times what other administrations are not capable of doing, being their competences", Priego assured. REASONS FOR SAYING 'NO' TO ROYAL DECREE 27/2020 Throughout his speech, the spokesperson for Local Entities has indicated that there are many reasons to say No to Royal Decree 27/2020 of the Government, and thus has indicated that it has not been consensual; No matter how much the government wants to say that it has reached an agreement with the FEMP, it knows that it is not true.

"It is not fair or supportive," said Priego, as the President of the Government himself admitted yesterday in this Chamber, assuring that it would be necessary to modify the form of distribution of funds for economic recovery. Furthermore, "it supposes an intrinsic and unacceptable blackmail to the LLLs that enjoy constitutionally autonomy", he added.

To finish, the PP senator has remarked that, "now is precisely when we need these resources most." “Get out of the official car and sit at a table with a mayor or a councilor from any town in Spain, perhaps after that conversation your entrails will open up and it hurts you to see that behind the walls of Moncloa and with so much empty advertising, this country is asking for help and assistance because it is bleeding on all four sides ”, he has finished.

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