Casado proposes a commission of inquiry into the management of the pandemic to determine the “negligence” of the Government and its responsibilities
Today, during an interview at Cope

Pilar Alía wonders "what good would raising taxes be if there is no income to tax due to business closures and job destruction?"

"The Government only sees a tax increase as the solution to face the current level of public spending", as stated by the senator of the GPP, Pilar Alía, who has defended before the plenary session of the Upper House a motion in which she urged the Government not to freeze the pensions, nor the salaries of civil servants in the next General State Budgets. "What good would it be to raise taxes if there is no income to tax due to business closures and job destruction. This is how collection is lost, this is how we got to freeze pensions and salaries for civil servants ”.

The senator for Toledo recalled that it would not be the first time that a socialist government did so. “Felipe González, with 24% unemployed, for the first time in history froze the salary of public employees and, later, Zapatero lowered the salaries of civil servants by 5% and froze pensions. We are not surprised that they want to go back to their old ways ”.


The popular spokesperson has emphasized the contradictions that we see on a daily basis, as each minister defends a different policy, “Calviño points out that it was necessary to put the scissors into the payroll of the civil servants. Escrivá that he did not know. Díaz defends that extending the retirement age harms young people, in contradiction to the affirmations of Minister Escrivá, who spoke of rewarding those who voluntarily delay the retirement age ”.

In this sense, Pilar Alía assured that "an increase in the number of people working generates demand, increases GDP and leads to the hiring of other population strata".

Alía has also referred to the statements of Minister Montero when she defended the D.L. on the remnants of the municipalities and affirmed that "resources are limited and we are working," ensuring that the Administration has lost collection capacity and, therefore, "fiscal adjustments" are necessary. “What are your ministers thinking, about increasing the tax burden, about raising taxes? The middle classes will end up paying ”, warned Pilar Alía.


In the opinion of the senator for Toledo, the current situation is caused, not only by the COVID virus, but by a terrible management of the Government, "which hid and silenced for weeks what was coming to us." The highest death rate due to COVID has fallen on our elders and now they want them to see their purchasing power reduced ", he stated and recalled that among public employees" to whom they intend to apply the reduction and freezing of salaries, are health personnel and CFSEs, "who have risked their lives in this pandemic."

"And if instead of raising the tax burden, creating new taxes or increasing the current ones, you try to reactivate the economy, raising the general level of wealth, therefore you would get higher tax collection for the State coffers", the Senator for whom, "reactivating the economy by creating new taxes is not the solution to face the current level of public spending and they would not get a higher collection for the State coffers."


Pilar Alía has assured that the Government “only sees a tax increase as the solution to face the level of public spending. However, in his opinion, it is necessary to introduce direct aid and aid to the affected sectors, as well as an attractive tax system for companies that allows consumption and investment and, therefore, employment to be encouraged.

In the opinion of the popular senator, the Government should direct its policies to contain public spending, redesigning priorities and seeking efficiencies in the operation of the Public Administration. "You have to follow the criteria of the company, that of" doing more with less ", a criteria that must be transferred to the Administration."

Finally, Pilar Alía wondered what we could expect from a government that in the 2019 financial year “has been unable to execute spending with criteria and rigor. Now they have the opportunity to see budget item by item, what is or is not necessary. Essential items should be prioritized, providing them with sufficient economic capacity, where items not so necessary in a situation like the current one are set aside ”.

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