La diputada del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Valentina Martínez

The secretary of International of the Popular Party, Valentina Martínez, has shown the condemnation and rejection of her party to the expulsion of the ambassador of the European Union in Venezuela, Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa, by the Nicolás Maduro regime, who has also given 72 hours for the ambassador to leave the country.

Maduro's reaction is, in Martínez's opinion, the regime's response to the sanctions that the European Union yesterday imposed on eleven Chavista officials for considering that they have committed acts and decisions against democracy and the rule of law in Venezuela.

For this reason, the International secretary has considered this action as “a provocation on the part of the Maduro regime, because the European Union, like almost the entire international community, supports the democratic forces in Venezuela. In this way, he has pointed out that, like the high representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, has condemned the expulsion of the ambassador of the European Union in Venezuela, "the Government of Spain is taking too long."

In addition, Nicolás Maduro has accused the Spanish ambassador in Caracas, Jesús Silva, as an accomplice to the Venezuelan opposition Leopoldo López to "assassinate" leaders of the regime, also announcing the threat of expulsion of Jesús Silva.

Valentina Martínez has affirmed that "the Popular Party absolutely condemns and rejects these unacceptable threats against the Spanish ambassador in Venezuela" and has demanded that the Government of Spain "be forceful in defending our diplomatic delegation and demand the necessary explanations from Nicolás Maduro for these very serious accusations and threats ”.

The Popular Party will also request the appearance in the Congress of Deputies of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, Arancha González Laya, to provide the necessary explanations regarding the actions they are going to take to defend our delegation. diplomatic in Venezuela.

In addition, Martínez recalled that "a few days ago, from the Popular Party, we asked for a thorough investigation into the possible diversion of money from the Chávez government to the former ambassador of Zapatero and to find out what the relationship that existed and exists between the PSOE and the Chávez and Maduro dictatorships. Now with these actions by the Venezuelan regime, the Government of Spain must be forceful and stop tiptoeing around the situation in Venezuela. "

The Popular Party reiterates, once again, its firm commitment to democracy, freedom and respect for Human Rights in Venezuela and supports the democratic forces in their fight for the recovery of the rule of law in Venezuela.

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