La senadora del Partido Popular, Sofía Acedo

Sofía Acedo affirms that until now the Sánchez Government has done nothing to fight against the scourge of youth unemployment

He assures that "we have to avoid the departure of so much talent outside our borders"

Remember that at the beginning of this year Spain "was already leading the youth unemployment ranking"

The senator of the Popular Group for Melilla, Sofía Acedo, has called on the Government, during the debate of a motion of the GPP in the Youth Commission, to draw up a Shock Plan to reactivate youth employment in Spain. "Do something to fight against the scourge of youth unemployment, because so far you have not done anything," said the popular senator, who recalled that "the trend of reduction in the youth unemployment rate did not bode well in the last quarter of 2019 ”.

Acedo has insisted on the need for "a real commitment of the Government of Spain to youth employment", while asking the Executive to promote policies that allow the insertion of young people and make their hiring attractive for our companies. "We have to avoid – he remarked – the march of so much courage and talent outside our borders."

During his speech at the Youth Commission, Acedo stressed that at the beginning of this year Spain "was already leading the ranking of youth unemployment". Thus, according to EUROSTAT, 30.5% of young people under 25 were unemployed, “in April we reached 39% and today we are at 41.7%, more than double the European average, which is at 17% ”.

Acedo pointed out that "we are at the head of youth unemployment in the European Union and, in a matter of a year, we have increased the youth unemployment rate by more than 9 points" and added that "as always, women are the most punished, mainly young women ”. Likewise, the GPP senator stressed that "young people are one of the most vulnerable groups in the labor market and those who are suffering the most and will suffer the consequences of the economic crisis derived from the coronavirus pandemic."

In his opinion, “to all this is added the vulnerability from which these young people started, who had already been severely punished by the economic crisis of 2008 and, now, they suffer another severe setback, which makes the situation especially worrying ”. In addition, Acedo has pointed out that it must also be taken into account that "many young people find their first job in those sectors most affected by the pandemic, such as hospitality, commerce and tourism."

He has also stated that "another element to consider is the temporary nature of the contracts, which make a dent especially in the youth group." Finally, the PP senator for Melilla recalled that the PP Government approved a strategy for entrepreneurship and youth employment, endowed with 3,500 million euros, a plan based on education, the promotion of entrepreneurship, the improvement of intermediation and incentives for hiring. "Now it is up to the socialist government to do something for our young people," he concluded.

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