The GPP calls for Sánchez to appear in Congress to report on the latest European Council and new measures against the Coronavirus
Registered the two requests to appear in the Lower House

  • González Terol requests the Executive that the municipalities can use 100% of the surplus of the year 2019 "for social and economic aid to neighbors and businessmen" and that "abdicate from expropriating or seizing" the remaining treasury saved the last 7 years
  • Claims a ransom of 5,000 million euros to inject liquidity into the municipalities "who are going to see their income reduced due to the economic crisis that is going to hit the Spanish population, after the health crisis"
  • He describes the pact with Bildu as “unworthy” and demands to break the agreement with Bildu and maintain a labor reform that has allowed creating millions of jobs
  • Calls on the Prime Minister to rectify and listen "to those people who in his environment label the repeal of the labor reform as absurd and counterproductive, as well as to the social agents and employers, who do not come out of their stupor"
  • He defends maintaining the labor reform so that the 4 million Spaniards who have availed themselves of the ERTE, 900,000 of whom are still unpaid, do not become in the ERES "and thicken the queues of unemployment and hunger"
  • He maintains that "the credibility of the Prime Minister is null and his newspaper library is his worst enemy", because, despite the fact that he said that he would not agree with Bildu, he obtained the abstention of "five votes that were critical" for his investiture
  • Remember that, in Navarra, the PSOE agreed to abstain with Bildu, instead of reaching an agreement with the constitutionalists, as the PP did in 2009 with Patxi López "by making him a lehendakari in exchange for nothing"
  • He states that healthcare is only sustained through employment and "if the economy is not reactivated with protection, the social path will be terrible, as the UN and the EU have been announcing"
  • He regrets that Sánchez puts Bildu on the same level as the real interlocutor that the Government of Spain has with the municipalities that is the FEMP "
  • He criticizes Ábalos' decision to "force empty buses to circulate during total confinement" and proposes a rescue fund for municipal public transport "that has been left on the verge of bankruptcy"
  • It conveys the "affectionate memory" of the PP to the victims of COVID and their families. “They are many, they are too many. That is why Spain has been in mourning for weeks and in this the Government and Sánchez are late ”

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