El senador del Partido Popular, Juan Juncal

• The senator for A Coruña, Juan Juncal, ensures that the closure of the plant will affect more than 700 families

The spokesman for Energy of the Popular Parliamentary Group and senator for A Coruña, Juan Juncal, has demanded the 4th Vice President of the Government and Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, to paralyze the closure of the As Pontes thermal power plant.

During the appearance of the 4th vice-president in the Ecological Transition Commission held this morning in the Upper House, Juncal asked Minister Ribera to take all necessary measures to prevent the closure of the As Pontes plant, "and thus protect the more than 700 families that depend on this plant ”.

As explained by the popular senator in his speech, the closure of the thermal power plant affects the activity of a whole town, in addition to truckers, service companies, commerce and hospitality, among others. In As Pontes there is not going to be a just transition ”.

"How are you going to explain to the residents of As Pontes that Germany is going to close coal in 2038, or that Japan is going to open 22 thermal power plants?" He asked the minister. "If something bothers citizens is unequal treatment," he denounced.

In addition, the senator of the Popular Party has demanded that the minister of Ecological Transition that the electrointensive industries have an electricity price exactly the same as France and Germany, given the failure of the Statute of this type of industries.

Juncal recalled that Spain only represents 0.7% of global CO2 emissions and that the regulations of the European Union have caused the closure of the entire thermal park because they did not meet the parameters and did not adapt. "As Pontes if he made that adaptation to EU regulations," stressed the senator from A Coruña.

In addition, Juncal has pointed out that the policies of the socialist government are generating a gas monopoly, because "the only manageable technology, the only technology to ensure security of supply, are combined cycles."

"Does it seem prudent and a good practice to generate this monopolistic dependency?" He asked the minister. "It is imprudent because it is a product that depends on the outside, we neither produce it nor have it and, therefore, we depend on the price and the supply," he sentenced.


On the other hand, the Popular Group Energy spokesperson has asked the 4th Vice President of the Government to create a Study Paper to debate everything related to the energy transition, with a final goal in 2050.

During his speech at the appearance of Minister Ribera in the Ecological Transition Commission held today in the Senate, Juncal insisted on the need to create such a Study Paper, within the Senate Ecological Transition Commission, so that all parliamentary groups can make their contributions.


In relation to nuclear energy, Juan Juncal has reminded the minister that his government partner, Unidas Podemos, has already stated that he does not agree with the signed orderly closure agreement, for which he has demanded explanations about the future. of nuclear.

The popular senator has also been interested in the "insurmountable" discrepancies with the then president of Red Eléctrica, Jordi Sevilla, and asked him if there was interference by his Ministry.

Likewise, he has demanded explanations from the minister about the role they want Red Eléctrica to play in the energy transition and how they will solve the access requests presented for 200 GW facilities.

"You are only interested in selling the CO2 reduction, without taking into account the cost that it will have on citizens, not only in terms of the price of electricity, but also what will influence the economy by not having of cheap energy that helps boost and develop all sectors ”, Juncal concluded.

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