La senadora del Partido Popular, Mª Teresa Ruiz Sillero

Ruiz-Sillero: "It is not fair for the Government to keep 1,500 million euros from the unemployed"

  • This distribution condemns companies in the sector to closure and unemployment, warns the senator
  • It denounces the decision of the Government to use the training fees for other purposes and to eliminate the distribution of funds to the CC.A.A.

The PP senator Teresa Ruiz-Sillero has considered "unfair and not proportionate that the Government keeps 1,500 million euros destined to the training of the unemployed", which are mechanisms to find a job. Ruiz Sillero has defended a motion, in the Labor Commission of the Upper House, by which the Government is urged to reimburse the funds withdrawn to the Autonomous Communities, in order to continue to allocate the management of these resources to training , orientation and information of the unemployed. In her speech, the popular senator has referred to a decision of the Council of Ministers held yesterday, which approved a new distribution of 895.9 million euros of active employment policies. According to Teresa Ruiz-Sillero, these millions join the 1,048 million that had been transferred to the Autonomous Communities, which had a budget of 2,414, "so the Government is left with 470 million euros of the unemployed", has affirmed the senator and has described it as a “new government marketing operation, which will continue to take 1,500 million of the unemployed. One more trick and one more deception to the unemployed ”.

In this sense, the popular spokesperson has referred to the C.A. of Andalusia that he represents in the Upper House, where he has ensured that this cut in active policies "is more harmful to Andalusia", given the paralysis decreed by the Socialist presidency of the Board since 2012 due to fraud in the Training Funds, until a president of the PP has reactivated them. For this reason, the senator has stated that "it is not fair or proportionate for the Government to keep 1,500 million euros destined to find a job and condemn thousands of companies related to training to closure." SUPPORT FROM THE GROUPS Teresa Ruiz-Sillero thanked the Groups for their support and the tone of the debate and insisted on the importance, at this time, of allocating funds and aid to recovering employment and “to also avoid the damage it entails for companies in the sector, which condemns them to closure and unemployment ”The PP has received support for its motion from all parliamentary groups except PSOE and Podemos.

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