La diputada del GPP, Carolina España

Headlines of Carolina Spain during his speech:

  • The spokeswoman for the Treasury of the GPP, Carolina Spain, rejects “the first steps” taken by the Government with the approval of the expenditure ceiling and the objectives of debt and public deficit, and accuses the Sanchez Executive of throwing in the towel “giving up” the Growth and employment.
  • “With you we expect less growth, less employment, but more spending, more deficit and more taxes. They talk about the social function of taxes, but they are going to stifle taxes on the Spaniards, they are going to fry us for taxes, and they won't reduce the deficit. They will end up making Zapatero holy. ”
  • He warns that “with Sánchez in the Government there are 91,000 more unemployed (30,000 women and 14,000 more unemployed young people), 22,000 less self-employed, 35,000 fewer companies, 22,000 fewer workers in the agricultural sector and 25,000 less contributors in the household employee scheme "
  • Defend the labor reform of the previous government of the PP that led to the creation of employment: "You want to repeal it, but have sent almost 250,000 Spaniards to unemployment in the last month."
  • He reproaches the PSOE that it goes ahead to the rest of the OECD countries by approving the creation of the Internet tax “with tougher requirements” that will damage the competition of our companies, and warns that its creation will impact on the user: “We will end up paying all those who use the Internet. "
  • It also rejects the creation of the tax on financial transactions, "whose tax burden will be transferred to the citizen via commissions."
  • Stresses that the collection for new taxes on Internet and financial transactions will barely reach 400 million, so if the Government adjusts the expected increase in expenditure of 4,800 million, it will be forced to raise more taxes, such as VAT, personal income tax or diesel.
  • He asks Sanchez to look in the mirror of the PP Government in Andalusia: “The PP has lowered taxes and raised revenue. And you have eliminated the inheritance tax that you did not want to suppress when you were a board member. ”
  • Remember that the current financing system was negotiated bilaterally by Zapatero with Catalonia, and warns against a reissue of this formula: “It seems that they will return to negotiate with the independentists by putting a red carpet at the expense of the rest of the Spaniards. The agenda for the reunion attempts against equal treatment ”.
  • He criticizes “el calvario” to which Sánchez submits the autonomies on behalf of the 2.5 billion that he owes them for VAT: “He has swiped the VAT money. You said you are not there, that you have disappeared, but you have to pay it, you cannot keep that money. ”

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