La vicesecretaria de Política Social, Cuca Gamarra

Holders of his speech:

  1. "Why do they not comply with current legislation, the Transparency Law and the Public Health Law?" Asks Gamarra, who criticizes the government for preventing the identity of the experts and the content of the reports.

  2. The Deputy Secretary for Social Policy of the PP criticizes the lack of transparency of the Government in terms of data, recruitment and procedures in the de-escalation. "In a rule of law, as much as we are in a state of alarm, the procedures are the guarantees against arbitrariness and discretion," he says.

  3. He maintains that, despite the fact that the Executive speaks of co-governance, "they are governing based on the abuse of power, hand in hand with confusion and opacity."

  4. It requires the Executive to "take advantage of the time" to prepare a plan B for de-escalation with ordinary legislation.

  5. It proposes, within the so-called Cajal Plan, a safe de-escalation for the elderly, the mandatory use of face masks on the street and individual protection measures.

  6. Insists on the need to carry out massive tests on the population and tests on all professionals in nursing homes and health facilities, which register more than 50,000 infections. "Assume your responsibility to provide them with protection," he demands from Illa.

  7. It presents the Executive with strategic reserves of protective equipment, tests and respirators to deal with the de-escalation and possible outbreaks, given that the Government has been late due to a negligent purchasing policy. ” "It is curious that those made by the CCAA arrive and that those of the State do not. In the end, the big fish is not capable of doing what the small one is doing ”, he emphasizes.

  8. It advocates setting up a National Agency for Public Health and Quality of Care, which includes a pandemic monitoring unit, “because public health must be strengthened.

  9. Announces that the PP has registered a non-law proposal for the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition to pass from the "vase" Ministry of Consumption to the scope of Health.

  10. He reproaches the Executive for the delay in the seroprevalence study, whose preliminary data was released yesterday "while the political decisions were adopted 10 days ago", and which states that Spain registers ten times more infected than the official figures provided by the Government.

  11. He ensures that the de-escalation phase is marked by "improvisation, chaos and lack of coordination".

  12. Claim a specific protocol for nursing homes. "The elderly have been abandoned from the first moment, let's not also do it in the de-escalation".

  13. It requires the holder of Health protocols that guarantee the security conditions in the return to all activities, such as in the educational field, where he asks what reports support the return of school children from 0-6 and children with disabilities with pathologies, commerce or tourism. "When will the order that establishes the 14-day quarantine for tourists visiting our country be rectified?" He asks.

  14. He remembers the 27,321 who died officially as a consequence of COVID-19 and "those who are not part of the statistics but who have also left us."

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