El secretario de Justicia e Interior del Partido Popular, Enrique López

• "Today Iglesias would already be charged if he were not measured by his status as a member of the Government," warns the Secretary of Justice and Interior of the PP, Enrique López

• It highlights that the judge of the National High Court details in his rationale the existence of "rational evidence of criminality and a conscious and planned plan with a false action to simulate the commission of a crime and attribute it to a PP Government"

• He warns that now the Government "is formed by a radical party that is radicalizing the other partner and that makes a motion of censure to the State and calls it into question"

• Ensures that the petition for the imputation of Iglesias is "one more reason" for the PP not to deal with the renewal of the CGPJ, if Podemos is part of the negotiation

• Remember, in addition, that the PP has asked that Podemos not be in the negotiation because it wants the abdication of the King, it wants to agree with ERC to create frameworks aimed at independence, government agreements with Bildu and delegitimize the work of members of the Judiciary

• Regarding the possible legal reform of the Government to renew the CGPJ, it warns that the Constitutional Court has already ruled on the "necessary caution" that the parliamentary majority to renew this body was 3/5

• Advances that if the Government approves this reform, the PP will go to the Constitutional Court and request the precautionary suspension, as well as the European institutions

• "The PP does not block but we ask Sánchez to free us from a problem that he himself has created," he says.

• He warns that it is not the first time that the PSOE promises to create 800,000 jobs and fears that instead of creating those jobs, 800,000 more unemployed will be generated

• Advocates deepening the legal and economic conditions that allow employers to continue fighting unemployment, "something that we consider very difficult due to what was announced by the Government"

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