La senadora del GPP, Mercedes Fernández

 Senator Mercedes Fernández reminds the minister that she says "obsessively" that the labor reform should be repealed

The senator of the Popular Group for Asturias, Mercedes Fernández, said that "the effect of the PSOE on unemployment is always up, while the PP effect is creating employment and wealth for all." In addition, he has asked the Minister of Labor and Social Economy to "not misuse the common heritage."

The senator of the Popular Group has asked today, in the session of control to the government in the Senate, for the Executive's assessment of the data of the Active Population Survey (EPA) of the fourth quarter of 2019 and recalled that in the In January we have 90,248 more people who are unemployed and 244,000 in the Social Security.

"You. he says, obsessively, that the labor reform, the reform of Báñez, the reform of Rajoy must be repealed. The labor reform can be improved in some aspect, but it is the one that has brought flexi-security and employment to our country, with the creation of 3 million jobs ”. Also, he has compared the employment data of the PP Government with those of Zapatero, which left “a slab of more than 5 million unemployed.

Finally, the senator for Asturias has warned the minister that “obsessions are very bad in politics. They should not misuse that common heritage that all Spaniards have, ”said Mercedes Fernández.

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