El senador del Partido Popular, Vicente Martínez

Ensures that a well-managed de-escalation, in addition to helping control the pandemic, will make it easier to cope with the economic effects

The spokesman for the Environment of the Popular Parliamentary Group and senator for Castellón, Vicente Martínez Mus, has criticized the “improvisations” of the Sánchez government in the de-escalation plan and that it hides the identity of the committee of experts.

“The idea of ​​laying de-escalation bases with objective criteria to change phase is not bad, but it must be true. We continue to see an examination in which we do not know the agenda, that is, we do not know the criteria, and we do not know the court, we do not know who evaluates them, ”Martínez Mus denounced during the appearance of the 4th Vice President of the Government and Minister of Ecological Transition Teresa Ribera, in the Senate Committee.

Likewise, the popular senator has asked the minister to "convey security and confidence to the Spanish, instead of improvisation and inconsistency. Mark a fixed course, take the PP's proposals, even if you do not recognize that they are ours, and really listen to all the CCAA, the mayors and the social and economic agents, "he asserted.

In addition, he has denounced that "we still do not know if we want, because it is not published in the BOE, what can and cannot be done in the different phases", because Ministerial Order SND / 387/2020, of May 3, is " wet paper". Are we also going to wait for the last day? Doesn't it seem contradictory to tell us that the de-escalation process is very worked and studied and instead we have seen that the rule to be applied in each case was published hours before it came into force? He asked the minister.

“We are all clear that a well-made de-escalation, in addition to helping control the pandemic, will make it easier to cope with the economic effects. If we continue with improvisation, the adverse economic effects will multiply, and it will be his responsibility ”, he added.

Martínez Mus has also referred to the "disastrous" management of the pandemic, while reminding the minister, in charge of the de-escalation plan, to "draw a picture of a plan studied, prepared, even agreed upon when reality contradicts it. ”And he has given as an example that in the morning they say that children could only go to the supermarket or to the pharmacy and in the afternoon just the opposite, or that they say that“ sales are prohibited, at noon allowed and in the afternoon again prohibited ”, he has ironized.

"I have the feeling," said the PP senator, "that you have not painted anything in the design of the de-escalation despite being the person in charge in theory. I sincerely believe that her role in that regard is limited to being in charge of coming to the Cortes.


At another point in his speech, Martínez Mus has announced that his group has presented a motion requesting that seasonal services on beaches-hammocks, scooters, beach bars, terraces- "have a flexible treatment."

Thus, he explained that the initiative presented by the GPP requests, exceptionally and urgently for this summer, that they be exempted from the payment of royalties and increase the possibility of occupying surfaces. "The Government must anticipate events and make it easier for these small businessmen and businessmen not to have, in addition to the uncertainty, bureaucratic and fiscal burdens that can easily be solved with will."


On the other hand, the GPP Environment spokesman has referred to the regression of the coast. "In the drawer of urgent things in your Department should be the strategy to combat regression on the coast, both for economic protection and for environmental protection."

"If we do not act urgently, we are going to be left without beaches and without all that they entail," he said. In addition, it has announced the "frontal opposition" of its Group to the modification of the Coastal Law and the Regulations. "Postpone this debate at least until action is taken to protect and apply the current Law with fairness," Minister Ribera has asked.

Finally, Martínez Mus has reviewed other important topics in his area, such as the situation of the Mar Menor; the financial chaos of the Acuamed desalination plants; or the National Water Pact.

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