El senador del Partido Popular, Félix de las Cuevas

The Popular Parliamentary Group has demanded today the Socialist Government, during the debate of a motion consequence of interpellation in the plenary of the Senate, to accept the allegations presented by the electro-intensive industries of Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria.

The senator of the GPP for Cantabria, Felix de las Cuevas, who has reproached the PSOE to vote against the initiative presented for his political training, and has called on the Ministries of Industry and Ecological Transition to admit the allegations presented by the companies affected "so as not to seriously compromise its viability."

In addition, the popular senator stressed that these allegations have been presented jointly by Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria, and at the proposal of the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, “above the differences of the party and the result of a great institutional consensus , Business and union ”.

“We have been able to reach an agreement in northern Spain, popular, socialist and regionalist; businessmen and unions; in addition to municipalities and Autonomous Communities, ”said Cuevas.

In his opinion, the draft Royal Decree of the Statute of Electrointensive Consumers, can compromise the viability of many companies, as well as employment in entire regions. "A whole world can fall apart in a few months because of a wrong and unconsolidated energy policy, because of an Electrointensive Statute, which can be terrifying for northern Spain," he denounced.

Likewise, the senator of the PP has claimed the Government of Pedro Sánchez, to protect Spanish companies to strengthen their factories from our French and German competitors. “It seems that they do not want to understand that the exaggerated difference in electricity costs will end the basic industries of our country and thousands of jobs.

In this sense, Cuevas recalled that our industries compete in the European and world markets, but the cost of the megawatt hour is 25 euros cheaper in Germany and 20 euros cheaper in France. "In this context it is impossible to compete," he said.


Cuevas has highlighted during his speech, two of the most important demands of the sector. On the one hand, the need to create the figure of “electric hyper-consumer”, because by lowering the large consumer threshold from 40 Gigawatts / hour to only 1 GWh, companies considered as electro-intensive have gone from 119 to 600.

Thus, he has set as an example the company FERROATLÁNTICA, in Cantabria, and that consumes more energy than the entire city of Santander in a year. "It is these types of companies that must have a special status to ensure their survival," he stressed.

In addition, Cuevas recalled that the ALCOA Group consumes 30% of industrial electricity throughout Spain and, in Galicia, is the only industry that manufactures primary aluminum and employs 5,000 families directly and indirectly.

On the other hand, it has referred to the need to recover and consolidate the service of interruption demand management, "basic in an electric island like Spain and with an energy mix strongly dependent on renewable energy."

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