La vicesecretaria de Organización, Ana Beltrán

The Deputy Secretary of Organization of the Popular Party and President of the PP of Navarra, Ana Beltrán, today demanded that the Government of Pedro Sánchez give explanations for the massive concentration held this morning in Pamplona in which hundreds of radicals from abertzales have claimed amnesty for ETA members Jailed and have supported the terrorist Patxi Ruiz, convicted of murdering Councilor Tomás Caballero in 1998.

Beltrán has denounced that "in full confinement" more than a hundred people "have put the health of the citizenry at risk with the aim of claiming impunity for convicted murderers and of laundering the murderer of Tomás Caballero." "The Government of Spain must give urgent explanations about why a concentration of sympathizers of criminals has been allowed," he said.

The ‘popular’ leader recalled that the concentration took place the same week that Podemos, a partner in the government of Pedro Sánchez and the socialist María Chivite in Navarra, had It was agreed to support the roadmap of the nationalist left and the Catalan independence movement for a "general release" of prisoners. The document, which has been joined by PNV, ERC, JxCat, Más País, CUP, BNG and Compromís, takes advantage of the current health crisis to demand, among other measures, that, given the “exceptionality raised by the risk of COVID-19” The Government "take steps to proceed to the generalized approach to prisons near their homes of all prisoners who so request."

"We demand that Pedro Sánchez stands out from the prisoner plan that his government partner has signed with Bildu, that the Spanish Executive clarifies if in his latest agreement with the PNV to extend the state of alarm, he has agreed to release ETA inmates and that he reveal whether he will include in the negotiation of the new extension to the imprisoned Catalan politicians, "he has sued.

Beltrán has reproached the Government that “when the demonstrations are organized by his partners or those who support him daily, they have nothing to say; however, if the concentrations are to demand the resignation of Pedro Sánchez, the yardstick is another ”.

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