La portavoz del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Alicia García

• The Executive responds that it makes the information of "public interest" about COVID-19 public, but does not include the requested data

The spokesperson for Social Rights of the Popular Parliamentary Group, Alicia García, has denounced the lack of transparency of the Government due to the concealment of data that it carries out in relation to deaths in public and private residences during the pandemic throughout the national territory, which it obtains in by virtue of an Order of the Ministry of Health of March 23 on complementary measures by COVID-19.

As a result of the Health Order, Alicia García presented a battery of 14 questions to the Government about the data that said instruction demanded from all residential centers, whether public or private, receiving a single answer for all of them. summarizes in referring the parliamentarian to a link from the Ministry on a “guide to prevention and control against COVID-19 in nursing homes and other residential social service centers”, in which the required data does not appear anywhere. , including those of deaths.


Furthermore, the Executive ends its response by stating that "finally, it should be noted that the Government makes available to professionals and the population as a whole protocols, recommendations and information of public interest on COVID19, including information regarding the action in the residential centers for the elderly, through the aforementioned guide.

"The Government does not provide the required information on deceased, so it can be understood that it does not consider it to be in the public interest and therefore it is hidden from Parliament and the population as a whole, in a serious new exercise in the lack of transparency", emphasizes the deputy for Ávila of the Popular Parliamentary Group.

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