María Salom durante su intervención en el Senado

María Salom reminds Ábalos that he has hit more than 18,000 euros for a "scam report" that "is a short hit" from a company of Sánchez's friend

The deputy spokesperson of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate and senator for Mallorca, María Salom, denounced today, "the double yardstick of this Government and the left, as well as a very serious lack of ethics", after paying more than 18,000 euros for a "scam report" that is a "short hit" to a company owned by Sánchez's friend; and later they appoint him Director General of the Government of Spain ”. "Can you imagine what you would say if Mr. Butcher were from the PP?", Has added Salom.

Salom has referred to this, after asking the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, what assessment does he make of the contract signed with Rica Studios, S.L. for an amount of € 18,137, on March 15, 2019 ”.

In his speech, Salom explained that, we know from President Sánchez himself, he had a close friend, who lived abroad, and he told us in the media that if he came to Moncloa, "he would bring him back." “And so he did, he was brought back through the front door and, for this, he had to divide a General Directorate of the Ministry of Transport in two, in order to appoint him Director General of Urban Agenda and Architecture, in June 2020 ”.

“Before making him this custom suit, they hand-picked him a series of minor contracts, as an aperitif; one for the Ministry of Culture, and the second for his ministry, Mr. Ábalos, ”the senator assured.

"It is clear that the two friends are alike – referring to Sánchez and his friend, the" Director General of Urban Agenda and Architecture "- because they use the same tricks: copy and paste from other texts, translate content from web pages, take screenshots, to put photos that appear on the internet… The same strategy as Mr. Sánchez's thesis ”, María Salom has remarked.

Next, the PP senator has described as "a botched report", the one sent by Rica Studios S.L, which belongs to the ‘friend of Pedro Sánchez. “A botch that costs us 1,800 euros a page for Spaniards, 5 euros a word; with an amount of 18,137 euros thrown away ”, he added.

“Why did you hand-hand this report to your boss's friend? Why the friend, among so many architects in Spain? Did someone whisper it in his ear after the Council of Ministers? ”, The PP senator asked Ábalos.

“Why have you tried to hide the information about the content of this work from the media? Because you knew it was a botch, cut and paste? Why did you pay? ”, The PP senator asked the Minister of Transport again.


María Salom has reproached Ábalos that “he is the one who deals with the shady affairs of this Government, as he already did by plugging his driver into the Board of Directors of RENFE; or when he went for a night walk through the Madrid airport with Delcy Rodríguez, who was forbidden to set foot on Spanish soil; and now plug in a friend of his boss, we'll have to call him the minister of shenanigans ”.

"I will bet on a labor model in which meritocracy prevails and not plug-ins". Do you know who said this? Salom asked. "Pedro Sánchez, one more lie from the President of the Government," the PP senator has finished.

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