Mario Garcés atiende a los medios de comunicación


  • "How can Spaniards be required to pay their tax and social obligations if the government is unable to inject liquidity into the system?" Says Garcés, who denounces that of the 200,000 million promised, only 10% have been "previewed", 20,000 million.
  • He expresses the support of the PP "to all employers, self-employed and workers who are suffering not only in physical confinement but also the closure of their economic activity.
  • Explains that the PP is working on the development of proposals that "allow us to react vigorously in the emergence of the crisis."
  • It reiterates the proposal to "postpone all tax and social obligations while the state of alarm lasts" and to extend "the ERTE term".
  • It requests the Government to allocate the 24 million to coronavirus that it has increased in advisers "that are useless." "May I at least be ashamed to limit them now," he says.
  • He describes as “regrettable” yesterday's appearance by the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, during her explanation of the ERTES.
  • He states that "the PP has created a fund to donate part of our compensation to fight against the coronavirus."
  • He reiterates the request for "a salary increase for those people who are making an effort in recent weeks."

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