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The Popular Party denounces the low interest shown by the socialist government with the depopulation and the demographic challenge and denounces the paralysis of the advanced work of the strategy against depopulation that the Commissioner against the demographic challenge of President Rajoy launched

The Popular Party denounces the delay of the Government in the execution of the more than 500 million euros that the PP government left budgeted to bring broadband to 100% of the territory and, on the other hand, a ministry to fill give him the rank of Vice President

Proof of the abandonment of the socialist government of the policies of depopulation and demographic challenge, the PP explains that this is the first call of the Sectorial Conference of Demographic Challenge in two years of government

From the Popular Party we demand that this is not a photo of procedure before the summer and it is firmly committed and with a specific date to reveal the Government's agenda regarding demographic challenge and depopulation

Zero are the commitments of Vice President Ribera in her management at the head of this challenge that requires a transversal State policy and agreed with the Autonomous Communities and more than two years of delay accumulates

The COVID 19 crisis has highlighted, even more so, the need to provide investments and infrastructure for communications and services to the rural world, so that all citizens have the same opportunities wherever we live.

The PP argues that, for many, the rural world can now present itself as a new source of opportunities, and we must provide the means to make it possible

It is time to take action, the diagnosis is made and this is suffered by the few inhabitants of our rural environment, the digital divide, the lack of connectivity, the shortage of basic services, the aging of the population and the lack of opportunities for job

The fight against depopulation must be a priority for Spain in the European reconstruction fund and from the Popular Party we demand that the minister report in detail on the projects that she is going to propose within the reform plan to be financed with the European fund

The PP requires that projects pivot on entrepreneurship and innovation to generate employment opportunities in rural areas especially for women and youth and sustainable projects with the environment

The PP denounces, also in this area, the cut in funds for the Common Agricultural Policy, in direct aid and in rural development, which Sánchez must negotiate from now on so that one euro less does not reach Spanish farmers, ranchers and fishermen

We demand that it clarify the government's position regarding differentiated taxation in rural areas and a possible reform of regional financing that includes geographic dispersion, low density and the aging of the population as criteria that must be considered.

The CCAA of popular government come to the Conference with their duties done. All have assumed their responsibilities in the fight against depopulation and have spent years applying useful policies, coordinated with the municipalities and their mayors, to meet the demand of the rural environment and its neighbors

For the PP it is time for the government of Spain and to join consensus on a high-level policy that seals a State Pact, which includes the policies in the short and medium term, willingness for dialogue and agreement that President Casado has expressed on so many occasions

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