The mayors and presidents of the Popular Party Deputation voted this morning at the Governing Board of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) against the document proposed by the Ministry of Finance in relation to municipal savings. Only the casting vote of the president of the FEMP, the socialist Abel Caballero, has managed to carry out a document that gives free rein to the maneuver of the Sánchez Executive to appropriate municipal savings, and that marginalizes municipalities that do not have remnants.

The Government's maneuver to confiscate the savings of local entities punishes the municipalities that have done their homework and directly hurts the citizens, since it is the local entities that play a fundamental role in the provision of social services, mainly due to its proximity to the citizen.

For the popular, this document is "disappointing and unsatisfactory and therefore deserves our rejection and disapproval", according to the vice president of the FEMP and mayor of Estepona, José María García Urbano. And the proof that this is a bad agreement, he added, is that "all the political groups have chosen to reject it, voting against or abstaining and isolating the PSOE in its decision to continue with this plundering of the Municipalities and Provincial Councils "

For his part, the PP spokesman at the FEMP, José Azón, asserts that what happened today "is a historical absurdity" since "the PSOE has approved a document by the Sánchez government alone, which, at a stroke, it has created in Spain First and second city councils ”. "It is intolerable and we will continue to fight it so that in the parliamentary procedure of the decree this situation is ended," said the also mayor of Zaragoza.


For his part, the deputy secretary of Territorial Policy, Antonio González Terol, has warned that "with the casting vote of the President of the FEMP, Abel Caballero, the theft of savings from City Councils and Provincial Councils goes ahead." In his opinion, Abel Caballero exercising this power "has dynamited the historical consensus of municipalism", an issue that he has described as "shameful".

The popular ones have verified that with said agreement "the Executive of Pedro Sánchez leaves in the lurch the citizens of all those City councils that do not have remnants and, on the other hand, marginalizes the rural environment and does not pose any possibility of investing the municipal remnants in measures of promotion and recovery of employment ”, have indicated both García Urbano and Jorge Azcón.

In this sense, Azcón has stated that "many municipalities are left out and will not receive a single euro of the 5,000 million that the Government will contribute." In the negotiation of this proposal, he concludes, "there has been a basic error since an accounting issue has been put above the needs of citizens who are facing an unprecedented economic crisis."

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