Macarena Montesinos durante el Pleno en el Congreso de los Diputados

The popular parliamentarians accuse the PSOE of preventing the telematic appearance of the sole administrator of RTVE, despite the favorable resolution of the legal services

The Popular Parliamentary Group has today denounced the blockade of the Socialist Party to the appearance of the sole administrator of RTVE, Rosa María, Mateo, in the Mixed Control Commission of RTVE.

The MPP MPs, Macarena Montesinos, Vice President of the Commission and deputy spokesperson for the GPP, Eduardo Carazo, spokesperson for the GPP in the RTVE Commission, and Sergio Ramos, senator and Secretary of the table of the RTVE Commission, explained that at the meeting of Today, the Bureau and Spokespersons of the Commission were going to set the date for that appearance, which, after the favorable resolution of the Chamber's legal services, was going to be done electronically, since it was not a member of the Government and in exceptional circumstances. for being part of the risk group.

However, the president of the Commission, the socialist senator Antonio Cosculluela, has opposed the report of the lawyers and has put to a vote the postponement of the celebration of the Commission to the next month, which has finally prospered with the vote in favor of the PSOE.

For the popular people, "with this decision Parliament is gagged and democratic freedoms are once again kidnapped." "This is another example of the interest of Sánchez and the PSOE to continue misinforming from RTVE and manipulating in an absolutely sectarian way the information that is transferred through a public service to the Spanish," they assure.

In this sense, they have underlined that this decision "curtails the rights of parliamentarians, in accordance with Article 23 of the Spanish Constitution." "It is a violation of democracy that the representatives of the Spanish cannot control everyone's television. The PSOE intends for public television to function as the NODE and without control ”, added Sergio Ramos.

“From the Popular Parliamentary group we have requested on several occasions during this crisis the urgent appearance of the sole administrator to explain the numerous scandals caused by information manipulation. When it seemed that it was going to do it, we found this new trick of the Socialist Party not to submit to the planned control ”, Eduardo Carazo lamented.

After this resolution, the popular people wonder "who manages RTVE today", because "the national headquarters of lies and disinformation that RTVE is today cannot evade democratic control without any consequence". "You have to have the same courage to manipulate as to stand up in Parliament," they point out.

Likewise, Macarena Montesinos recalled that "Rosa María Mateo accumulates so much manipulation and official dependency that her appearance in Parliament was essential", and that "the democratic anomaly that RTVE lives with Pedro Sánchez has escalated another scandalous step today." "The government hides behind RTVE, and RTVE is buried in the greatest social discredit," he says.

For popular parliamentarians, "it is intolerable that no one is accountable for the information abuses, sectarianism and the sweetened version of the pandemic that RTVE offers every day." "Pedro Sánchez must stop today the sole administrator of RTVE or stand up for his controversial management," they concluded.

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