The National Electoral Committee of the PP has today appointed Carlos Iturgaiz candidate of the party to lehendakari in the next Basque elections, which will be held on April 5.

The proposal of the National Electoral Committee, meeting this morning at the headquarters of the party under the presidency of Belén Hoyo, has approved the designation at the proposal of the national president, Pablo Casado.

Carlos Iturgaiz, 54, is a political and moral referent of constitutionalism in the Basque Country. It personifies the values ​​that the PP has always defended, especially in the worst moments, in the hard years of terrorism.

Iturgaiz began his political career in the Basque Country as a proxy for the Vizcaya Boards and as a councilor for the Bilbao City Council. Between 1994 and 2004, he was a deputy in the Basque Parliament, leading the electoral lists of the Popular Party in the autonomous elections of 1998, where he achieved the best results under the acronym of the PP and was the second most voted political force.

In 2004, the candidate for the Presidency of the Basque Country with the PP + Cs coalition made the leap to the European Parliament, where for 15 years he has defended the interests of Spain with solvency, patriotism and rigor.

Pablo Casado appointed him secretary of cooperation of the National Executive Committee of the PP.

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