El senador del Partido Popular, David Erguido

She asked the minister to clarify what the position of the Government of Spain is with respect to Juan Guaidó and Venezuela

The deputy spokesman of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate, David Erguido, has revealed, in the plenary session of the Senate, that “Minister Ábalos lied to us, which in this government is not strange, the serious thing is that he lied to us five times and every time we have more questions in relation to the so-called 'Delcygate' ”.

In an interpellation to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, the deputy spokesman of the popular in the Senate has asked the minister “about the reasons of the Government for the breach of the decisions of the Council of the European Union against the high positions Venezuelans accused by the International Criminal Court of crimes against humanity, as is the case with Delcy Rodríguez. ”

Throughout his speech, the popular senator for Madrid has lamented that it is the Foreign Minister who attends this interpellation; since "we expected that the protagonist of the matter, Mr. Ábalos," said David Erguido, after which he denounced that the Socialist Group "has managed to delay this interpellation two weeks," referring the Minister of Foreign Affairs answer of it, and should not be the one to answer ”.

Thus, Erguido has addressed González Laya ensuring that "not lend itself to political filibusterism that the Government avoids control of this House with the excuse that the foreign minister is traveling."

David Erguido has stressed that, today, “we have 6 different versions of this incident: five of Ábalos, one of Sánchez, a police party and a notarized act of a jury guard, which this act has cost 2 months of employment and salary, if not fulminating dismissal ”.

"As Bertolt Brecht said" when hypocrisy begins to be of very poor quality it is time to start telling the truth, "said the senator of the PP to the minister.


Throughout his speech before the Plenary, the deputy spokesman of the popular has asked the head of Foreign Affairs, if this meeting between Ábalos and Delcy Rodríguez “has to do with Mr. Sánchez, at the request of Pablo Casado, downgraded to Juan Guaidó as President in charge of the Chief of the Opposition ”.

“Or that Sanchez did not receive Juan Guaidó during his visit to Spain and you did it outside the Ministry? Can you explain how, without stepping on Spanish soil, Delcy Rodríguez arrived at the VIP lounge of private flights first and T4 later? ”Asked David Erguido.

"And can you explain how he did it without passing a single security check, and also, while this was happening, 40 bags were moved along the tracks without passing a scanner, or security checks?", He has asked the Minister

Next, the senator of the PP in Madrid has said that, in Venezuela, the theory abounds that they are looting the gold, "but that would be a speculation without contrast," he said, after which, he said that "what yes it is confirmed that the Chavistas are looting the gold of the Venezuelans and that the gold route leads to the Emirates and Turkey, the two destinies of Mrs. Rodriguez ”.


Likewise, David Erguido recalled that the version of Sánchez's incident is that "Ábalos decided to avoid a diplomatic crisis and provide a service to the country." “What diplomatic crisis, Mrs. Minister? Prevent the police from returning it to Venezuela as they do with more than 70 passengers every day, ”the PP senator asked ironically.

Thus, Erguido has affirmed that this version is not credible and “what Ábalos did make sure was to provide Mrs. Rodríguez with a stopover in Madrid without any fright”. "The diplomatic crisis is the one that has been about to provoke Ábalos with his performance," he added.

Finally, the senator of the PP has asked Minister González Laya “with what legitimacy we are going to ask Belgium to comply with the Euroorder on Puidemont, or France to avoid meetings of a fugitive from Justice, when we are the first to break the sanctions of the EU against tyrants in Venezuela ”.

“Do you really feel comfortable facilitating the scales and avoiding diplomatic crises to people accused of these events? Where is your moral scale? ”, The Madrid senator has finished.

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