La portavoz del PP en el Parlamento Europeo, Dolors Montserrat

The PP has achieved today with its votes that the Ábalos case is debated in the plenary session that the European Parliament holds this week in Strasbourg.

At the beginning of the Plenary session, the inclusion of this item on the agenda has been debated and the vote in favor of the PP and the Group of the European People's Party has been decisive to ensure that the Delcy Rodríguez case is debated during this Plenary.

The PP spokeswoman in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, he said that “the Ábalos case is not only a scandal in Spain over the repeated lies of Minister Ábalos about his meeting with Rodriguez at the Madrid airport, but also a breach of the European sanctions that prevent Rodriguez, as a other senior officials of the Nicolás Maduro regime, entering European territory and, therefore, Spanish ”.

Also, Dolors Montserrat has criticized that the MEPs of the PSOE and of the Podemos may have voted against including this issue on the agenda: “MEPs of the parties of the coalition government have sided with a regime that violates rights human beings and freedoms, and this time they have also done so despite knowing that European sanctions against that regime have been breached. sanctions that the Sanchez government would have to enforce. ”

Question to the Council of the EU about the information regarding the Ábalos Case

Likewise. PP MEPs have sent a written question to the EU Council today to find out if this institution is already collecting all relevant information about the breach, by the Spanish government, of European sanctions related to high positions of the Venezuelan regime.

In the question sent to the Council – signed by the spokeswoman of the PP, Dolors Montserrat, and the rest of the MEPs of the Delegation of the PP in the European Parliament -, it is recalled that this institution has the duty to “collect all available information on the alleged circumvention of restrictive EU measures by states, individuals and specific entities ”, and therefore it is logical that the Council investigates its possible breach.

For all these reasons, MEPs have asked the Council if this process of obtaining information regarding the Ábalos case has already begun and also when such information will be made available to the European Parliament.

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