1.- The statement sent by Moncloa certifies before all Spaniards the first payment of the political mortgage that Catalan separatists are charged in exchange for the investiture of Sánchez. In it, the Government uses the term secessionist “political conflict” and omits any reference to the Constitution, which is replaced by the term of legal certainty, as the independence parties have always demanded.
2.- The Government crosses all imaginable political red lines in 40 years of democracy by allowing separatists to propose as a self-determination of Catalonia, the pardon of the coup plotters, the definitive fracture of Catalan society and the breakdown of territorial integrity from Spain.
3.- Sánchez submits, point by point, to the independentist script designed by the convicted person for sedition and embezzlement of Oriol Junqueras public flows from the Lledoners prison. They intend to make a bilateral table that fractures equality between Spaniards habitual.
4.- The Government camouflages as a dialogue table what is a biased table of parties outside Parliament. A table where only the PSOE, Podemos, ERC, Junts Per Catalunya sit and that delegitimizes itself by leaving out all the constitutionalist formations that represent the majority of Catalan society in the autonomous parliament.
5.- The President of the Government consummates the rupture of the constitutional principle of equality among all Spaniards and rewards the authors of the institutional coup against our democracy. The Government's own agenda explicitly recognizes the granting of privileges to independence whose charges will be borne by the rest of Spaniards.
6.- Stages an international summit staging in what represents an unprecedented claudication in four decades of democracy. It grants the disabled Torra treatment as head of state while allowing the entrance to the seat of the Presidency of the Government to a person accused of the attempted coup d'etat on 1-O, Josep Maria Jové.
7.- Sánchez has chosen: Radicality versus moderation, extremism versus centrality. Choose to break bridges instead of accepting the hand that has been extended by the president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado.
Faced with this situation, the Popular Party will take all measures and use all the resources at its disposal so that the assignments of the Government of Pedro Sánchez to independence are left in wet paper.
As Pablo Casado assured Pedro Sánchez in the Congress of Deputies today: “The Popular Party is the guarantee that no one will discriminate against a single Spaniard, wherever he lives. The guarantee that the general interest will prevail and that Spain will continue to be a nation of free and equal citizens ”.

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