El diputado del PP en el Parlamento de Andalucía, Miguel Ángel Ruiz

The PP Education spokesman in the Andalusian Parliament, Miguel Angel Ruiz, highlighted today that “the new Andalusian Government led by Juanma Moreno fulfills its commitment to nursery schools, which saw how the price of the square was frozen in Andalusia since 2007, placing us at the tail of the country and reducing quality at this stage educational. "

In this way, he has informed that “this historical demand has finally seen the light in the last Governing Council, which has budgeted 15 million euros in order to update the price of the nursery school”, underlining that “it it is a measure that will not affect the cost to families, but will be fully complied with by the Junta de Andalucía ”.

In this sense, Ruiz explained that “the amount that the Autonomous Administration pays nurseries from 278 to 320 euros per place, an increase that the Andalusian Government fully assumes and that, without affecting the pocket of families, increases Yes, it will improve the quality of socio-educational care at the stage of 0 to 3 years and the quality of employment of workers in the sector, ”he said.

The measure, which will be effective in September, "is endowed in the 2020 budgets with 15 million euros, an investment that will exceed 40 million euros for the global 2020-2021 course," he said, highlighting that "his application will benefit almost 100,000 Andalusian students, and more than 20,000 from the province of Malaga, distributed in the 360 ​​existing nurseries ”.

The popular parliamentarian has also stressed that "this initiative affects all families", highlighting that, "so far, almost 90% of families enjoyed partial or total support and, about half of them – 45% – had a 100% bonus, although now that 10% of families that were previously excluded will also be benefited, since that 15% of the price of the place that has been uploaded will be fully subsidized for all the families, being a cost that the Andalusian Board assumes directly ”, has applauded.

Start the Social Pact for Education

In this educational framework, Ruiz has informed that “it is our intention that the working table to launch the Social Pact for Education approved by the Andalusian Parliament start before the end of February”, underlining that “in this forum , in which the social agents of the educational community will participate, all political forces will be represented, so that the consensus is lasting over time. ”

Finally, the popular leader recalled that this week the convenience of applying the parental pin has been debated in the Andalusian Chamber, stressing that “although from the PP we defend that families are responsible for the education of their children and that they should exercising this right in freedom, we do not see this measure necessary as Vox proposes, since in Andalusia there is no indoctrination in the classrooms ”.

Along these lines, Ruiz pointed out that “last year there were only two complaints in this regard of almost two million students in Andalusia, which would be equivalent to 0.0001% of the students, which were resolved by administrative means ", Further arguing that" we do not see utility for the very nature of the activities, since curricula do not require authorization to be mandatory and extracurriculars already contemplate it, therefore the measure is not necessary, "he insisted.

He also indicated that "the freedom of choice of educational center by families already implies the choice of an educational project and, therefore, no measures of this type are necessary", marking the debate as "artificial and interested" .

“We believe that communication with families can be improved, yes,” he added, “but the key is to guarantee the real freedom of parents in the choice of educational center and that is what the PP is working on and the Government of change led by Juanma Moreno, ”he concluded.

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