La senadora del Partido Popular, Mayte Martín Pozo

Mayte Martín Pozo has assured that "apart from being an attack on the constitutional order and coexistence, it is an insult to the Spaniards"

The deputy spokeswoman for Justice of the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate and Senator for Zamora, Mayte Martín Pozo, has assured that the reform of the Criminal Code for the crime of sedition announced by the Government, “is an undercover pardon to its investor partners , To Mr. Junqueras and the rest of those convicted of 'procés'. And this, apart from being an attack on the constitutional order and coexistence, is an insult to the Spaniards ”, the Zamora senator has firmly added.

The Zamora senator has defended the motion consequence of interpellation, which has been rejected with the vote against the PSOE, and for which the GPP asked the Government not to modify the wording of the crime of sedition of our Criminal Code, to benefit the 'procés' leaders condemned by the Supreme Court.

Throughout his speech, Martín Pozo explained that with this motion, "we intend to avoid a new attack on our rule of law and our constitutional order." Thus, the popular senator recalled that the Vice President of the Government, Carmen Calvo said that the Government wants to modify the crime of sedition, and its government partners, in the words of Mr. Echenique, agree.

In this sense, the popular senator has indicated that the Government of the PSOE and Podemos try to justify this modification in the need to accompany this criminal type to European comparative law, "but they lie." “The real reason why they want to modify the crime of sedition is to pay the toll of Mr. Sánchez's investiture support; to release offenders convicted of sedition by the Supreme Court for the events of October 1, 2017, ”he said.


At another point in his speech, Martín Pozo explained that we would be facing “a reform tailored to Junqueras and company, convicted of sedition; an ‘ad hominen’ reform, contravening the basic principles of the rule of law where the rules are generally approved and not for a specific case ”. "You can not legislate depending on who commits or has committed the crime, you can not act in fraud of law, he said.

In addition, the Deputy Justice spokeswoman recalled that the events of which we witnessed the Spaniards in October 2017 were very much a mere public disorder; “It was something much more serious and the TS also appreciated it, it was an attack on the constitutional order and that is why we understand and urge the Government to re-include the Crime of Sedition in Title XXI of our Criminal Code, in crimes against Constitution".

Faced with some facts and criminal types of such gravity, the rule of law must react so that there is no sense of impunity and injustice that it plans on most Spaniards since the Government announced its intention to modify the crime of sedition, has detailed the senator.


Similarly, Martín Pozo has affirmed that we not only ask for the non-modification of the criminal type of sedition, nor its penalties, but that “we see the need to Modify the Law of June 18, 1870, of Rules for the exercise of Grace of Indult, so that within the catalog of crimes to which the grace of the pardon cannot be applied include rebellion, crimes against the crown and sedition. ”

In this line, the senator of the PP has summarized that all the issues raised by the motion, we consider them “essential for the maintenance of our constitutional order, for the maintenance of the confidence of the Spanish citizens in the institutions, for the maintenance of the coexistence, social peace and the spirit of harmony that has prevailed during these 40 years. ”

Finally, Mayte Martín Pozo has referred to the last of the points of the motion of the GPP that “proposes the definition in the Criminal Code of the conduct of authority or official who, lacking absolutely powers, call a referendum against of what our Constitution establishes. ”

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