The PP of Badajoz city has requested the Electoral Board of the Zone an investigation of all the votes of the inspectors Socialists, about 200, after confirming this collegiate body that a PSOE auditor voted twice in the city on May 26.
The Electoral Board of Badajoz, as indicated in a resolution, has detected that a PSOE intervener voted twice, once at the table where he was registered and another in which he served as a socialist assistant, deriving his opinion, which is for the Badajoz PP of extreme moral and legal gravity, the court by if the facts are constitutive of a criminal offense.
Faced with this regrettable action, on which the socialists should give public explanations, the Popular Party of Badajoz has submitted a petition to the Provincial Electoral Board requesting an investigation of all the votes cast by the socialist inspectors, and that the scrutiny of the two tables affected by the case confirmed by the Electoral Board itself be annulled.
Prior to this opinion of the Electoral Board, the PP had requested information from this body, as the popular auditors observed a suspicious performance by their counterparts of the PSOE, with comings and goings by several polling stations, which has now resulted in Confirmation that, at least one of them, twice cast their vote in two different tables.
The PP calls for an in-depth investigation, because the facts already proven by the Electoral Board are constitutive of a serious electoral crime, a negligent act of a socialist inspector that, given the little information currently available, could have occurred in more cases, so that the investigation should be extended to all the tables where the inspectors of the PSOE could have voted.

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