Ask to avoid the possible occupation of the centers that are Electoral Colleges on Saturday and Sunday

The Popular Party of Catalonia has presented an appeal to the Electoral Boards of the four Catalan provinces against the meetings and demonstrations convened for the day of reflection in order to influence the sense of citizens' vote in the elections next Sunday.

The appeal includes the calls made by the self-appointed organization Tsunami Democràtic for that day and claims that they declare that they are contrary to the electoral legislation. In addition, it indicates that the concentrations are protected by the anonymity provided by social networks, which “can be considered as a clear indication of the illicit purpose of the call”.

It also affects the manifesto published by the organization for the day of reflection textually refers to acts of "disobedience" to the Central Electoral Board, in addition to indicating that it will be a "political, cultural and festive day."

Therefore, the PP asks the Provincial Electoral Board to “adopt the necessary measures to guarantee absolute neutrality in public spaces during the day of reflection, and be dissolved as many concentrations or manifestations contain slogans, symbols, proclamations, declarations or actions in defense of ideas or proposals exclusively defended and represented by some candidates ”.

Finally, measures are also demanded to avoid the “eventual occupation during the days of reflection and voting of the centers destined to be Electoral Colleges”.

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