They also advocate working on the transformation of products to encourage added value to have an impact on the province

The province of Teruel is known for the great quantity and enormous quality of the agri-food products that are produced throughout the territory. Ham, peach, olive oil, almond, saffron or truffle are some of the saints and hallmarks of our municipalities for the quality they treasure and the increasing recognition they enjoy in the markets.

One of the most important is acquiring today is the black truffle, which is produced in the Region of Gúdar-Javalambre. To learn more about the details of this sector, the candidates of the Popular Party of Teruel have visited a truffle farm in the town of Mora de Rubielos. There have been present the head of the list to the Senate, Manuel Blasco, in the company of numbers two and three to the Upper House, Carmen Pobo and Miguel Ángel Estevan; and the candidates for the Congress of Deputies, Raquel Clemente and Elena Asensio. Next to them has also been present David Perales, councilor of the Popular Party in the town.

In Mora de Rubielos, Blasco has stressed the importance of marketing “of the excellent food products of Turolenses” and stressed that the Popular Party will devote its efforts to this task that it has considered “vital” in the present context. "The world is global and we can no longer think of markets in neighboring provinces, but in national and international markets," he said.

For the 'popular' candidate, the Government of Spain “has a lot to contribute and help producers” and the province of Teruel “has a tool such as the Teruel Investment Fund”. He added that "in the coming years we have to focus on the marketing of these great foods in our province," emphasizing "delicatessen and gourmet markets" because "the products are very worthwhile and have a remarkable quality."

As he has emphasized and has been able to verify in first person during the tour that the Popular Party is developing throughout the province, the general feeling of the producers is that it is “necessary” to work in the opening of markets. “Bajo Aragón and Matarraña asked us for help in the commercialization of oil and black olive, in Jiloca they asked us for cooperation in the commercialization of saffron, and in the area of ​​Mora de Rubielos and Sarrión the concerns are similar in this case with the black truffle ”he explained.

"All products work very well, we know how to make them, farmers and ranchers know how to make top quality food in our province and we have to commit ourselves to help them," he said, while ensuring that "they will always count on collaboration. of the Popular Party. "


After the visit to the truffle farm, Blasco also wanted to point out another aspect that can be worked on in the agri-food sector, such as the transformation of products so that the added value they generate “can stay in the province”.

For this reason, the head of the list of the 'popular' candidacy for the Senate has advocated "winning in production and size" and then being able to do so in marketing. "Our people know how to manufacture the product and we have to help give a bigger dimension to the farms to be able to focus on national markets and especially on exports," he said.


The agri-food sector, together with the rich history, numerous natural and heritage resources, have been mentioned once again by the representatives of the Popular Party of Teruel to express their "deep belief" in the "enormous possibilities" that the province has. "What you need is that there is a government that is committed to it and that works in all sectors to increase the opportunities of the territory," said Blasco.

In that sense, he has valued the National Strategy against Depopulation announced by the president of the Popular Party and candidate for the Presidency of the Government, Pablo Casado, during his visit to Teruel. An action plan in which aid for entrepreneurship, the extension of broadband and maternity, among others, were collected.

“We are fully convinced that the province of Teruel has a great future if it has a Government that believes in it and puts in place the necessary measures for its growth and development, for the improvement of its infrastructures and for the generation of jobs that allow people stay to live in our province, ”he said. A purpose that "defends the Popular Party without any doubt."

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