El senador por Guadalajara, Antonio Román

Antonio Román: "They failed in the escalation and they also fail in the lack of confinement, sectarian and arbitrary, because they apply political opportunism"

Popular Group senator Antonio Román has offered the Minister of Health “a State Pact, the Cajal Plan for health, a plan to activate Spain, which shows that there is another way of doing things. A plan that your government lacks to start this country, guaranteeing the safety of all its citizens. ” This was the senator's offer during his speech this afternoon in the Upper House.

The senator from Guadalajara and deputy spokesman for the Popular Group questioned the Minister of Health about the desire to reach a State Pact for health offered by the PP. "We have bragged about our SNS, but in this terrible crisis we have seen weaknesses and weaknesses in its operation, so we have suffered healthcare collapses and have one of the highest case fatality rates in the world."

Antonio Román has recalled the words of the Prime Minister, who assured that he did not have a Plan B. "What he should have said is that he had never had a plan, that all his decisions are improvisation and regret that he has no ideas and does not know what to do ”and asked him to join the plan proposed by Pablo Casado. "Because we believe that we must strengthen our health system with financial sufficiency, that is why President Casado has proposed, and my group reiterates it here in the Senate today, a" Cajal "State Pact.

Antonio Román has listed, in his speech, the needs that he considers essential to strengthen the health system:

– Political leadership. "It has not existed, it has been the greatest weakness in the pandemic"

– Effective coordination with the Autonomous Communities "Not the current lack of governance and auction"

– Constitution of a National Agency for Public Health and Quality of Care

– Promote primary care in coordination with hospital

– Socio-health care for the elderly and vulnerable patient

– Strengthening of research, in financing and infrastructure

– Strengthen the national biotechnological health industry


In addition, he reminded the minister that the Government did not act on the recommendations of the WHO and the EU, did not collect protection material, or diagnostic tests, "and when it acquired it, it was botched, with exorbitant commissions to homeless companies and without workers. A chaos ”, Antonio Román has sentenced.

He recalled that the Government unprotected health professionals: "Today there are more than 50,000 infected and many deceased." They have not carried out massive tests, "because they did not have enough." "They said that the masks were not necessary, they even accused the police of alarming the population for using them and, now, they declare them mandatory."

The popular spokesman considers that the government's transparency has been conspicuous by its absence and that the data has manipulated them. "The only effective measure has been confinement, which according to President Sánchez, has prevented 300,000 deaths – I do not know how he tells them – and what he has done is have more than 40,000 real deaths that he could have avoided or, at least, reduced."

Recognizing the senator who agreed with the president that confinement was the only effective measure he has applied, “he was late. "A week before it would have avoided 50 percent of infections and deaths, according to different studies," he said. And he has blamed this delay for not wanting to "limit the right of assembly and demonstration on 8M, although now they do limit the rights of Spaniards with contagion rates much lower than then."


The senator from Guadalajara considers that “if he had political leadership – addressing the minister – he would affirm without blushing the reasons that lead him to lack of confidence. They are not scientific versus economic criteria, they are only applying their political occurrence, changing it due to social pressure ”.

Antonio Román understands that, the scientific-epidemiological criterion to achieve that there is no mortality, would be to maintain total confinement, because to have greater scientific security in the lack of confinement, it would be necessary: ​​high population immunity, vaccines, massive reliable tests and mortality close to 0 .

The popular spokesman ended his intervention by assuring that the Government has decided to open the confinement, "but once again they did it late and badly, blindly, in another example of sanitary, economic and social chaos to which they lead the Spanish

And looking for an answer, he has addressed several questions about the publication of the list of experts who make the reports of the de-escalation, and if there is any member that is not a free appointment, or "if it is going to show -the government- the ex-post reports that are still being drafted and adapted to justify their decisions, "has ended."

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