Pablo Montesinos desde Málaga

It also communicates that the popular ones "are going to present motions in the town halls that will force the rest of the political groups to take their pictures"

The Deputy Secretary of Communication of the PP and national deputy for Malaga, Pablo Montesinos, reported today that the Popular Party is going to carry out "a political offensive against illegal occupation and in defense of private property", with a series of proposals aimed at achieving "that a squatter can be thrown out in no more than 12 hours."

"This is what we must do in the face of a government like Sánchez and Iglesias that, not only ignores, but even justifies the illegal occupation of houses," he pointed out during a press conference in Malaga in which he was accompanied by the also national deputies Carolina Spain and Mario Cortés, as well as by the provincial vice secretaries of Organization and Municipal Policy, Manuel Marmolejo and José Antonio Víquez.

To do this, Montesinos has announced a collection of signatures, both through the internet and from the party headquarters, which “the PP has launched so that the people of Malaga and the rest of the Spanish can sign against the illegal occupation and support the anti-squatting plan of the PP ”, which also contemplates increasing prison sentences from one to three years for squatters”.

"We call on all the people of Malaga and Spaniards, regardless of the party they have voted for, to sign this initiative of the PP because it is justice and because it does not understand political parties," stressed the popular leader, advancing that "there are many leaders of other parties, such as the PSOE, which privately criticize the illegal occupation, but then shut up when the microphones are turned on ".

Along these lines, the national deputy has communicated that, “in the face of this problem that worries the people of Malaga so much, the PP will present motions in the

city ​​councils of the province, as well as in the Diputación de Málaga ”, highlighting that,“ in this way, the rest of the political formations will have to be portrayed: either they are against the illegal occupation, or they justify it, as did Vice President Iglesias in the control session to the Government ”.

“We call on Vice President Iglesias to take a tour of the neighborhoods of Malaga and of the municipalities throughout Spain that are affected by the illegal occupation. Let him speak with those families, for example with the residents of Casabermeja, who have seen how squatters have usurped their homes. We have seen how the illegal occupation has caused confrontations and a lot of fear among the neighbors. Faced with a government that looks the other way and has a vice president who comes to justify the illegal occupation, the PP stands alongside the neighbors and the justice system ”, he concluded.

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