The PP has also registered the request for urgent appearance of Sánchez in extraordinary plenary session, to explain why he does not assume political responsibilities after the ERE ruling

The Popular Party, through Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo and 14 other popular deputies, has today registered a Proposal for the reform of the Regulations of the Congress to detail the way in which the oath or the promise to comply with the Constitution must be taken. In this sense, he asks that he limit himself to a “yes, I swear” or “yes, I promise”, without being able to precede or continue any other expression to that statement that empties, limits or conditions his own sense.

In the statement of reasons for the initiative, the deputies of the PP stress that compliance with the Constitution cannot be considered as a mere procedure or a simple formalism, but is a constitutive requirement and, therefore, inexcusable to acquire full status of parliamentarian. Therefore, they add that it cannot become, as has happened on several occasions by certain political representatives, in an opportunity to introduce more or less imaginative or picturesque expressions that pervert the meaning of said act, abusing a flexible but clear constitutional doctrine , and throwing serious doubts about its validity.

The PP considers it essential to end bad practices by setting in the Regulation the exact way in which the oath or promise to comply must be taken, thus avoiding alterations, frauds of law or biased interpretations of constitutional jurisprudence that distort its sense of express and full submission to our legal system.

On the other hand, the PP has also registered today, through the signature of Álvarez de Toledo and 70 other popular deputies, the petition to call an extraordinary plenary session of the Congress with the urgent appearance of Pedro Sánchez, to explain the reasons why He refuses to assume the political responsibilities that correspond to him after the ERE ruling.

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