Ana Beltrán considers that the law of Navarre is a mockery of the judicial system, the victims of terrorism, the Police and the Civil Guard

The national deputy and president of the PP in Navarra, Ana Beltrán and the general secretary of the Parliamentary Group of the PP in the Congress, José Antonio Bermúdez de Castro, have presented this morning an appeal before the Constitutional Court against the Navarre Regional Law of "reparation of the victims for acts of political motivation ", considering that this rule confuses victims with executioners and tries to change the story in the fight against terrorism. In addition, according to the PP, this rule supposes an invasion of the exclusive competence of the Judicial Power for the investigation of criminal acts in which victims are equated with executioners.

During the presentation of the appeal, which was also attended by the spokesperson of Vox, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, as a signatory of the joint lawsuit, Ana Beltran pointed out that the law of Navarre is a mockery of the judicial system and, above all, " to the victims of ETA terrorism. "

"With this law the victims would see how they are intended to match the executioners," said the popular leader, who stressed that this rule is a "clear attempt to whiten the murderers" of the criminal gang.

"It has also continued – is a mockery of the National Police and the Civil Guard, our State Security Forces and Corps, which were and have been those who have ended, along with the Justice, with the ETA terrorist band and with the killers of ETA. And now they have to see how they are called into question. "

Beltrán wanted to make clear that this rule is promoted by Bildu-Batasuna "because it is those who are most interested in protecting all ETA members." In this regard, he recalled that Bildu-Batasuna "was already distributing to ETA prisoners manuals on how to make false accusations against police abuses." "In that they have experience," he added.

He has also considered "unworthy" that the Government of Pedro Sanchez has not filed an appeal to this law before the Constitutional Court. "This shows that there is much to give, one more of its assignments, to Bildu-Batasuna and the PNV, foreseeable partners of government in Navarra and in Spain. And it is unworthy that Pedro Sánchez prefers and chooses Bildu-Batasuna and the PNV before defending the National Police and the Civil Guard, "Beltrán has ruled.


For his part, José Antonio Bermúdez de Castro stressed that there are "well-founded reasons" to present this appeal and recalled that the PP already filed a similar to a very similar law of the Parliament of Navarra that the High Court declared unconstitutional largely its precepts.

"This new law of the Parliament of Navarra is an attempt to circumvent this ruling that only reproduces the same arguments," he concluded.

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