El senador del Partido Popular, Juan Manuel Juncal

The spokesman of Energy of the Popular Group, Juan Manuel Juncal, calls for the construction of a covered dry dock to allow its viability and competitiveness

The plenary session of the Senate today approved a motion presented by the Popular Group, in which it has proposed to implement a battery of measures in relation to the Navantia shipyard in Ferrol and thus ensure its competitiveness and survival in the medium and long term.

The initiative, defended by the GPP Energy spokesman and Senator for A Coruña, Juan Manuel Juncal, urges the Government to provide workloads to the Navantia shipyard, in order to avoid the period of subactivity that will occur between the construction of the AOR ships for the Australian Navy and the start of the construction of the first unit of the F110 frigate for the Spanish Navy, scheduled for 2022.

The popular senator has also demanded the construction of a covered dry dock to allow the shipyard to be viable and competitive. "This would be achieved," said Juncal, "promoting job creation in Ferrol, a city marked by a permanent crisis since the naval reconversion began in 1983."

According to the spokesperson of the Popular Group's Energy, “the key element for Ferrol to have a competitive shipyard is the construction of a covered dry dock, with sufficient capacity to house the construction of ships and so that it can coordinate its workload with the FENE factory ”.

During his speech at the Plenary, Juncal recalled that the public company Navantia has made a Strategic Plan to address factors such as workload, the improvement of manufacturing processes, the rejuvenation of its templates and the transformation of the shipyards, to Get out of the crisis situation you are in.

The implementation of this Plan has been delayed for several reasons, but the Ferrol shipyard "cannot wait any longer if we want to ensure its survival," he said. Juncal has assured that the Ferrol shipyard "has become obsolete and it is necessary to undertake a series of reforms to turn it into a 4.0 shipyard."


On the other hand, Juncal has highlighted the need to process the Environmental Impact Statement as soon as possible because, in his opinion, “as long as the EIS is not processed, the project will be paralyzed, even though it is written since 2016”.

In this sense, the popular senator has considered that it is the Ministry of Defense, as the owner of 85% of the land where the construction of the dry dock would be located, who must urgently request the processing of the Environmental Impact Statement, in order to “Unlocking a fundamental project for Navantia and the city of Ferrol,” said Juan Manuel Juncal.

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