José María Barrios durante su intervención.

José María Barrios: "It is difficult to solve a problem that the Government does not want to recognize, since there is no worse blind than the one who does not want to see"

The PP senator for Zamora, José María Barrios, today asked the Government, through a motion, to adopt a battery of concrete measures, to solve the problem of the management and collection of ERTES. "It is difficult to find a solution to a problem that the Government does not want to recognize," said Barrios.

In his speech, José María Barrios has highlighted the complaints of those affected and that are still being processed, including the group of Social Graduates itself together with the Administrative Managers, who have been in charge of processing a significant number of these files, have highlighted the difficulty of managing these; for which they have urged the Ministry to adopt measures to improve the situation.

“But there is no more blind person than the one who does not want to see, since this situation continues unresolved and there are critical voices such as those of the CSIF, who do not hesitate to affirm that 'half truths are pure lies' – in reference to the minister of the branch, Yolanda Díaz-. In this sense, Barrios has also denounced that the minister, on July 14 in this Chamber, assured that all ERTES were already paid, "which is not true, since the CSIF itself affirmed then that there were still thousands of people without collecting the benefit ”, said the PP senator.

In this sense, Barrios recalled that the General Council of Administrative Managers spoke of more than 200,000 ERTES without charging at that time; and in September the Ministry finally recognized errors in the ERTES.

Next, the Zamorano senator has also reviewed a battery of headlines collected in the press in which he talks about: delays, errors, improper payments, collapsed lines in reference to the ERTES. "This is the reality with which we find ourselves and what is worse, it is difficult to solve a problem that does not want to be recognized, as the Government is doing," he added.

"I will not be the one to criticize the ERTES, but if the management disaster of a government accustomed more to propaganda than to efficiency," he said emphatically.

But the intention of this motion "is not to discover the shame of this Government in terms of employment and unemployment protection, but to help as much as possible by making proposals that may improve this management." For this reason, Barrios has stated, the motion presented by the PP requests five very clear points:

1. Expand the means of consultation, with additional telephone lines and telematic means so that they are truly effective, in order to solve and facilitate all the doubts and procedures that arise in the management of the ERTE.

2. Establish telematic notification systems (including SMS) regarding those affected by ERTE, avoiding personal contact with those affected by the files to avoid risk situations.

3. Streamline by the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) the payment of unemployment benefits for people affected by ERTE, for which it will reinforce the telematic and personnel services that are necessary.

4. Extend the ERTE, with the same conditions as the current ones, until April 1, 2021, without prejudice to possible extensions depending on the evolution of the economy in the affected sectors.

5. Extend the cessation of “special” ordinary activity (compatible with the activity) until April 1, 2021, without prejudice to possible extensions depending on the evolution of the economy in the affected sectors. "

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