El portavoz de Industria del Grupo Parlamentario Popular en el Senado, Javier Lacalle

The Industry spokesperson proposes that the Commission carry out, monthly, the monitoring of the requests and the processing of SEPI

The PP has presented in the Senate a motion for debate in the Industry Commission, requesting the constitution of a Commission or working group to "follow up on the development and management of the Support Fund for Companies in crisis, which was approved last July ”.

The spokesperson for Industria de los Popular explains that this Fund, managed by SEPI, is made up of four ministries: Economy, Finance, Industry and Ecological Transition. In this sense, he understands that it would be important for parliamentary representatives, members of the autonomous governments and a representation of social agents, in monthly meetings, to monitor these Funds for the maintenance of jobs and the productive fabric.

Lacalle considers that “the participation and transparency of the Government must be fundamental in these moments of management of a serious crisis, and more, having a significant economic fund to collaborate with the business fabric, affected in a special way by the situation that we are suffering ”.

For now, there have been three large companies that have requested the collaboration of state aid, and there are several more that are studying this option, as publicly reported by the interested parties.

Thus, the text of the registered motion asks that: The Senate Committee on Industry, Commerce and Tourism urges the Government to:

1.- Create a Monitoring Commission of the Business Support Fund made up of a representative from each parliamentary group, another from each autonomous government and a representative from the Social agents.

2.- That this Commission meet monthly to monitor the applications and the processing of SEPI on these possible business grants, in order to be able to collaborate in the fairest and most objective resolutions possible.

3.- That the Government undertake to expand this fund of 10,000 million next year if this figure is insufficient and the applications presented are solvency and viability.

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