Elvira Rodríguez durante su intervención.

The vice-secretary of Sectorial of the PP, Elvira Rodríguez, regrets that the messages of the Executive do not generate "tranquility" and maintains that "the economy does not raise its head"

– Criticizes that the Government puts into "question" that the extension of the ERTE could accommodate a sector as affected by the crisis as the hotel industry, considering that it is not tourism.

– Values ​​positively the measure adopted by Germany extending ERTE for all sectors until December 31, 2021, "thus giving an injection of tranquility to companies."

– Tilda of "irresponsible and unfair" to the Government before the second wave for "putting itself in profile" and bearing all the responsibility on the CCAA "and if they are from the PP with more determination".

– Affirms that, in the event of a pandemic, the responsibility lies with the Government, according to the Public Health Law, and refuses to split the response, because "the virus does not understand borders."

– It considers that the Executive is a "disaster" managing the damages derived from the pandemic. “We are the worst country in our environment in economic data. It is not something that the PP says, but is recognized by the OECD, Eurostat and Funcas ”, he asserts.

– "The Government does not know more than to ask for an agreement, an agreement, an agreement, but it does not say what and is not capable of changing its forecasts."

– Claim the Plan Activamos España of the PP, which opposes "the paralysis and lack of government measures", and which includes a plan for the Self-Employed and the so-called "5×5", which proposes lower taxes and the lengthening of the ERTE, at least , Until April.

– Advocates a tax exemption for companies affected by the Covid, more labor flexibility, less bureaucracy, better training and more competitiveness, promoting digitization and new technologies.

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