Again the PP has rejected a VOX amendment in the Senate. The amendment proposed by VOX senator José Manuel Marín included the suspension of the tax obligations of companies (VAT and personal income tax and payments on account of Corporation Tax), during the validity of the State of Alarm. And the abolition of all taxes on the consumption of company supplies and the self-employed (water, electricity and gas) while the State of Alarm is in force.

However, the Popular Group has accepted the Confederal Left amendment to carry out the legislative modifications necessary to promote a moratorium on the payment of electricity and water supplies in premises and derived from the activity of the self-employed in those in which their income has been reduced from 75% to 31 May 2021.

VOX also requested to urge the Government to establish a zero quota for the self-employed, as long as they do not reach the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI) and exceeding said threshold, a progressive quota from 50 euros depending on their income, as well as the 100 bonus % of the quota while the self-employed worker is on leave. The amendment also included the reduction of VAT on hydroalcoholic masks and gels to 4%.

"We will not be able to accept them because they restrict the proposals of the PP and we want to be ambitious to help the self-employed," the Popular Group has excused itself in the Senate.

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