Madrid, October 27, 2020.- The Popular Party today rejected a VOX amendment, to Motion that urges the Government to develop the II Comprehensive Family Support Plan , in which it was proposed to establish aids that promote birth rates within Spanish families. And he has demanded support for the "brave families" who want to grow, through aid and benefits, both social and economic. As he explained, year after year, families suffer greater "economic pressures", which have been aggravated aggravated "more than ever, due to the serious crisis in which we find ourselves due to the pandemic and the terrible management of this Government », They have it more difficult to continue.

Thus, the senator has proposed to provide the General State Budgets, with a lifetime character, a benefit per child that is in charge of the families with an increase proportional to the number of children in the family, with a minimum of 100 euros per month , as presented by VOX in its modification amendment. «In addition to this help, from VOX we seek to create proportional bonuses for these families to pay for basic supplies such as water or electricity. And the incorporation of family service checks with which to finance other necessary expenses of families such as public transport for children, school books, etc. ", he explained

In order to form the family, the senator has defended the protection of life "from the moment of conception until death from natural causes." To achieve this, he defended, "it is necessary for mothers to have, when they so wish, proper psychological assistance to guide them during the phases of their pregnancy and the months following birth." "We must provide financial aid so that both the mother and the baby can lead a dignified life that all Spaniards deserve."

González-Robatto also referred to the elderly, "an essential part of our families who have been so forgotten by this Government that all it does is abandon them in residences and attract euthanasia speeches."

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