The Popular Group in the Senate today rejected in block the amendments that this formation registered regarding the Motion Consequence of Interpellation of the PP on the Measures that the Ministry of the Interior plans to adopt to face the massive arrival of illegal immigrants to the Canary coasts.

The amendments registered by VOX senator Yolanda Merelo requested the immediate return of illegal immigrants to their countries of origin; the control and surveillance by our Navy in waters near Mauritania, Algeria or Morocco for the immediate return, and to a safe port, of these people; fight the illegal immigration mafias, as well as those who collaborate with them, whether they are NGOs, companies or individuals, and end the knock-on effect of the policies that make these people risk their lives in search of a false better world.

Resources for MENAS

In addition, VOX requested the deletion of point 8 of the PP Motion: "To have a network of sufficient resources to be able to promote the adequate custody and protection of unaccompanied foreign minors arriving in the Canary Islands." "We believe that it is a step backwards to a problem we are experiencing," defended the PP senator, Asier Antona.

However, at no time has the popular senator referred to the increase in crime suffered by residents who live near the MENAS centers, as is the case of Casa de Campo, in Madrid, where crimes have increased more than 100%.

However, the popular ones did want to thank the spokesman for the Nationalist Parliamentary Group, Fernando Clavijo, "who has enriched this motion." Specifically, the nationalists have proposed, and the PP has accepted, "to recognize and thank the work of non-governmental organizations, volunteers, and security and rescue bodies that have been serving the most important people on the dock for several months and on our coasts. of 20,000 migrants arrived in the Canary Islands this year, as well as the island councils, town halls and the administrations that have actively collaborated.

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