Ana Beltrán desde Palma

The deputy secretary of Organization of the PP, Ana Beltrán, denounces "the political attack" on the Community of Madrid by the Government of Sánchez and maintains that "it is of interest to attack Madrid, because that is how they attack the main opposition party"

  • He assures that "the restrictions imposed on Madrid, the economic heart of Spain, are solely and exclusively for political reasons, because they are not based on scientific bases"
  • He wonders how we can trust a president who "lies about the real number of deaths" and about the "false and non-existent and fictitious committee of experts"
  • He accuses Sánchez of being capable of "politicizing justice, looking for shortcuts to bypass the Constitution and modify, by changing the law, the renewal of the CGPJ"
  • He reproaches Sánchez for "not defending the Monarch, the Constitution and the forty years of peace and coexistence, which have done so much good to our country"
  • "We have a president and a government whose objective is to change the constitutional model and that Spain is diluted like a sugar"
  • He emphasizes that “the PP is not going to allow the squatting illegal to spread and roam freely throughout Spain "and attack private property
  • "The fight against squatting illegal is not left or right, but justice "and" the PP will be to defend what is fair, "he says.
  • Explain that the law anti-squatting of the PP raises penalties of one to three years in prison for squatters, that they can be removed from their homes within 12 hours, that they are not allowed to register and neighborhood communities can take legal action against them
  • He regrets that both the Government of Spain and the Balearic Islands "deny the problem and look the other way"
  • He points out that "Sánchez is closer to Puigdemont, Otegi, Torra and Junqueras than to those Spaniards who are in the queues of hunger". "The PSOE seal has ceased to be what it was," he asserts

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