The Popular Party will propose the implementation of a 2019-2022 Comprehensive Alzheimer's Plan in coordination with the National Alzheimer's Plan, as reflected in a motion that will be presented in the municipalities and autonomous parliaments.

As the vice secretary of Social Policy of the PP, Cuca Gamarra, pointed out, "the number of people affected is high enough to face measures that mitigate the effects of this pathology." Hence, we propose “the elaboration of a patient census”, as well as “encourage the increase in the number of health and social professionals”.

Also, "ensure comprehensive, quality and adequate care, seeking greater patient autonomy and the creation of multidisciplinary units in hospitals for the clinical and socio-sanitary approach"

Similarly, Gamarra proposes “the realization of a study of the real costs of the disease, in a period not exceeding six months and establish the necessary instruments for an early diagnosis and for the prevention of the disease”.

In addition, the Deputy Secretary of Social Policy wants to “promote the treatments of cognitive cognitive stimulation along with the traditional ones, for the prevention of cognitive deterioration and the development of specific home care for patients with reduced mobility”.

"Increase the number of places in day centers for patients with Alzheimer's disease and greater provision for the non-health transport of these patients," says Gamarra, while claiming to want "a plan for training and training of social and health agents to promote early diagnostic".

The popular want to promote "scientific research aimed at preventing asymptomatic disease and continue supporting social research, promoting partnerships with the centers and entities that are benchmarks in disease research."


For the Deputy Secretary of Social Policy to cover family respite services to alleviate the burden that family members bear, which can result in an increase in family, health and social expenses "is essential".

And for this, they want to “encourage the collaboration of private entities with the associations of patients declared of public utility and submit annually to this Chamber the evaluation and degree of compliance with the Comprehensive Alzheimer's Plan”.

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