The spokeswoman for the Interior of the Popular Group, Clara San Damián, asks the minister for an assessment of the “collective conflict” presented by the Police union

The Popular Parliamentary Group in the Senate has announced that it will present in the next few days in the register of the Upper House, a petition to appear in the Interior Commission of the acting Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, to give an account of the Audit commissioned by the Ministry on the equalization of wages and that seems to have not satisfied the Associations representing Civil Guards and Police Unions, as well as the Government's forecasts regarding the Pact reached by the Government of Rajoy.

In addition, the GPP Interior spokeswoman, Clara San Damián, has stressed that she will demand from the minister, during her appearance at the Interior Commission, an assessment of the “collective conflict” presented by the majority police union before the Ministry of Interior , by understanding that the right to equalization of wages has been violated and there has been no response to such equalization.

The popular spokeswoman has highlighted the "malaise" that exists between the representatives of the State Security Forces and Corps for the attitude that the government of Pedro Sánchez is maintaining, and recalled that the remuneration inequality in the FCSE "threatens the principle of equality and non-discrimination ”.

Finally, Clara San Damián recalled that it was a Popular Party Government that reached a Pact with the Associations representing Civil Guards and Police Unions after many years of demands to end the salary differences of the Police and Civil Guard regarding the regional police.

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