Teodoro García Egea en rueda de prensa


• “Sánchez gains 30 days, but Spain loses a month”, García Egea assures about the extension of the state of alarm. “He wants to go from the state of alarm to the summer holidays, to avoid parliamentary control.

• "Perpetual confinement is Pedro Sánchez's dream, but a nightmare for the Spanish".

• The PP general secretary urges the Executive to eliminate the quarantine of tourists and proposes safe corridors with bilateral agreements and sanitary reciprocity with other countries.

• He accuses the Government of "washing his hands" with education and announces that he will resort to the end-of-course order for "reasons of justice and equity", because it cannot be that there are differences and comparative grievances between the Autonomous Communities "All students, wherever they live, should have the same opportunities and treatment, "he stresses.

• "Not supporting Pedro Sánchez's state of alarm is giving a yes to Spain."

• Rejects the extension of the state of alarm and advocates that Spain can be "unconfined" with alternatives, such as those presented by the PP in the Plan Activamos España. "Confinement is the only proposal from a Government without ideas, proposals, equipment and future plans." +

• Affirms that the Government is only correct when it rectifies and listens to the PP, as it did when Congress opened, decoupling the ERTE to the state of alarm, ending up accepting the
telematic press conferences with questions or admit the need for the use of masks.

• “The Government does not know how to act and does not allow itself to be helped. The time for responsibilities will come, ”says García Egea, who highlights that his party has presented 3,546 proposals in Congress and another 2,100 in the Senate.

• He denounces that the Government has doubled the record for the number of finger-named positions, at a time when many workers are not even collecting the ERTE.

• He affirms that Spain lives in a state of permanent chaos for a government full of ministers "of low added value", in reference to Minister Garzón.

• Regrets that the Government spends more time attacking the PP than the coronavirus and asks the President not to make an enemy mistake. "This is not a political war, but a health war."

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