El diputado del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Fernando Gutiérrez

  • The GPP's defense spokesman, Fernando Gutiérrez, asks that the Defense policy “continue to constitute a State policy with broad consensus, because all the decisions taken represent commitments of our nation in the field of international, alliance, commercial and international policy. industrial prolonged in time ”.
  • He refuses to transfer the political controversy to the sphere of the FAS as a complaint made by the Minister of Defense in December: "We must all keep the Armed Forces out of political controversies."
  • The GPP Defense spokesman calls for "a stable solution" for the troops of the Troop and Mariner who return to civilian life after reaching the age marked by law, and demands the "urgent" constitution of the Military Life Observatory.
  • He recalls the request of the GPP so that the remuneration of personnel in reserve status is revised upwards, and announces that it will extend that demand to military personnel through an initiative of its Group in Congress.
  • It draws attention to the “remarkably squalid” envelope for Infrastructure that improves the living conditions of the military.
  • It demands "more progress" in the negotiation with the national defense industry "in order to obtain a benefit for our Armed Forces, our industry and our nation."
  • He proposes that “the defense culture model” be extended to the link with Security to transfer the “dissuasive nature” of the availability of the Army to the citizen and make the necessary increase in the budget allocation of the Ministry understandable.
  • He asks that on the itinerary to 2%, "we will soon leave the platoon of countries with less than 1% of GDP in which we are alone with two other countries."
  • He regrets “the dramatic situation” of shipyards such as Ferrol, which “threatens the employment of thousands of families”, due to the lack of a short-term workload due to the delay in the construction of the five F-110 Frigates.
  • It asks that “proceed” to the elaboration of a new National Defense Directive that “updates” the one approved in 2012.

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